Papigko Logistics

Papigko Logistics

Page Type Page Type: Logistical Center
Location Lat/Lon: 40.02649°N / 20.86976°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Scrambling, Canyoneering, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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Welcome to the logistics page for the village of Papigko. The village is located above the vikos gorge and under the large mountain of Timfi at an elevetion of 950m. The village is quite popular and is rather large. The village has plenty of hotels and many reastaurants. Here i will tell you how to get there, how to prepair for you hiking andother possible things you can do in/from the village.

Getting There

The village is accesible from either Konitsa to the north or Ioannina to the south. You must reach the Zagoroxoria area and pass other well known villages to finally reach Papigko. Drive to either Ioannina or Konitsa and from there you can easily reach Papigko. 

Where to Sleep

There are multiple hotels and houses in the village most are great and recommended. If you are in the area during May-October you can always sleep on the mountain hut for the measly 13 euros per night.

Prep the Snacks

Sadly there is only one quite overpriced store to buy food and snacks from. The store is located at the center of the village and has a selection of snacks and food you can cook with. If you are on a budget and preping to stay on the mountains for long i would recommend buying food from a large city. (Ioannina or Konitsa would be fine)


You can do many things in the villages of Papigko. There are 4 hiking routes that you can do directly from the Large papigko village, as well as horse riding. You can hike either: to a small summit on the NW (long route), a small church to the N under the large slopes of Timfi, hike down to the vikos gorge or hike to an abandoned village on the NW.
Papigko Topo
Papigko Topo

Denoted with Red: Is the trail that leads to the abandoned village

Denoted with Blue: Is the trail that leads to a church

Denoted with Yellow: Is the trail thet leads to the small peak

Denoted with Green: Is the trail that leads to the vikos gorge

Denoted with Orange: Is the general trail on the Timfi mountain



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