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MAGANIK, Montenegro, Europe
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Petrov Vrh
Created On: Apr 23, 2010
Last Edited On: Apr 25, 2010

Second highest peak of Maganik

Petrov Vrh summitOn the summit of Petrov Vrh (2124 m)

The massif of MAGANIK stretches in east-west/northwest direction. Maganik is an aloof group of impressive limestone formations. The geological composition of Maganik is made of cretaceous bank limestone. The base of this mountain range from the Niksic side and the Moraca River valley is made up of Triassic limestone.

The second highest peak of that for sure the wildest mountain range of Montenegro is Petrov Vrh (2124 m, Kurozeb). Petrov Vrh is placed in the western part of Maganik, on the S from Kapa Moračka (2226 m), on the W from Babini Zubovi (2111 m) and Međeđi Vrh (2139 m), on the SE from Žuta Greda(2104 m), on the S from Rogođed (2037 m), on the S-SW from Babji Zub (2277 m, Sinjajevina), on the W from Prekobrđe (Prekobrdje, Donja Morača-Lower Moraca) and KOMOVI range, and finally on the NE from Prekornica (1927 m) mountain.

Behind the Kokotov Vrh peak is placed Prijevor Pass (1780 m) which separate Maganik massif on two parts. On the oposite side from Prijevor is Čakmakov Vrh (1974 m) as a connection to the ridge to Petrov Vrh (Kurozeb, 2124 m), and then to the north to Žuta Greda (2104 m) peak and Rogođed (2037 m).

The summit view from Petrov Vrh is better and more open in comparasion with Međeđi Vrh summit view. From Petrov Vrh you can see Moračke Planine-Moraca Mountains, Sinjajevina, Komovi, Žijovo-Kučke Planine, Prokletije and Durmitor.

Route Info

Going to Petrov VrhRidge route from Kokotov Vrh to Petrov Vrh (background)

Rekočica (1550 m) - Prijevor Pass (1780 m) - Pometenik (1860 m) - Petrov Vrh (Kurozeb, 2124 m)

Duration: 2.30h
Height difference: 570 m

From the road in Rekočica go to the north following the path on the edge of the pine forest on the left, going away from small poudle placed on the bottom of green basin, from where the path goes up less than hundred meters to the lodges of Rekočica Katun below the Nikov Vrh (1672 m). After that the path goes through the forest and after that become more steeper until the Prijevor Pass (1780 m), the lowest point of long Maganik ridge between Međeđi Vrh (2139 m) and Petrov Vrh (Kurozeb, 2124 m). The name of that pase is Mali Prijevor (Small Prijevor), the twins pass with Veliki Prijevor (Big Prijevor) with same height, but few hundred meters away in eastern direction, behind the rocky barrier (1825 m) on the ridge. From Prijevor you can see on the northern side of the ridge Piskovi Do basin and Velje Duboko village above it. Finally, you can notice the area and massif of Kapa Moračka (2226 m).

From Prijevor the path continue across the Prometenik (1860 m) from where the path goes down about 40 meters to Ravnjak. On the right side, before the path continue on the ridge, you can see small cave where you can find a water spring. The entrance to this cave is about 20 meters below the Ravnjak. In the early summer you can find a snowy barrier in front of cave's entrance. From Ravnjak main ridge goes to the north to mosteastern (1974 m) of Čakmački Vrhovi peaks. The path goes below these peaks in the western direction. First of all you should cross about 150 m long valley which is closed roundly barrier high about 40 m. Going on the grassy and rocky terrain you should ascent on the left side of that barrier, and after that going on its top you should follow direction of the Čakmački Vrhovi peaks. The path goes horizontaly below the ridge crossing the area of snowy caves and depressions (some are 30-40 m deep and 150 in diameter) in direction of Obla Glava (1960 m) separated peak. From Ravnjak to here you'll need about 45 minutes. From this place where we come on the ridge of Čakmački Vrhovi peaks, the path continue on this ridge to the roundly summit of Petrov Vrh (Kurozeb, 2124 m), with a relatively height about 160 m. From here you'll have open view to the largest part of Đedov Do glacial cirque. Finally, following the path above the Đedov Do, and than via grassy terrain and some rocky steps you'll reach the wide summit of Petrov Vrh (2124 m, Kurozeb).

Getting There

Maganik Map – Petrov Vrh (Kurozeb, 2124 m) right-down

Map of Petrov Vrh areaLarge map

Optimal approach to Petrov Vrh is from Nikšić town.

By plane:
The closest airport is the one in Podgorica (70km away).
If you are planning to come via Serbia, you can use the Belgrade (Beograd) Airport in Beograd (Belgrade) city, capital of Serbia and Montenegro.
Information about flights and tickets on JAT Airways web page.

By train:
Beograd - Kolašin (Bar - Beograd) railway passes through Mojkovac and Kolasin. Then by car or taxi from Kolasin to Međuriječje or Nikšić.

By Bus:

From Beograd (Belgrade):
Beograd (Belgrade) - Cacak - Uzice - Zlatibor - Nova Varos - Prijepolje - Bijelo Polje - Mojkovac - Kolasin
Then by car or taxi from Kolasin to Međuriječje or Nikšić.

From Podgorica:
Podgorica - Međuriječje
Podgorica - Nikšić

For the bus tickets and informations about but lines see Belgrade Bus Station page.

By car:

From Beograd (Belgrade):
Beograd (Belgrade) - Cacak - Uzice - Zlatibor - Nova Varos - Prijepolje - Bijelo Polje - Mojkovac - Kolasin - Međuriječje (or Nikšić)

From Podgorica:
Podgorica - Međuriječje (or Nikšić)

You should drive along the central Montenegrin highway, which connects the seaside to the towns: Cetinje - Podgorica - Kolasin - Mojkovac - Bijelo Polje; and goes on to Serbia (Belgrade city). This road is passable during most part of the year. It is closed only in case of abundant snowing or great rockslides. The landscape along the highway is particularly picturesque in the segment of the Moraca River Canyon between Podgorica and Kolasin. This part of the canyon is called “Platije”. The highway is built along the edge of the narrow canyon. Thus, you can enjoy in observing the beautiful contrast between steep, dark cliffs and light, green river, while round, white peaks of Bjelasica glow in the distance. At moments, this beauty becomes scary!


The massif of Maganik is surrounded by many katuns (lodges) where people living on the mountain only during summer. Known katuns are Rekocica, Maganik, Poljana, Vragodo, Ogradjenik, Zabrdje, Razbijena Jela, Magline, Stanjevica Rupa, Besovica Katun and others, where you can freely use your tent for camping or stay in free shepherd's lodges.

Meteo Info

Before the visit of Petrov Vrh check the meteo info for Kolašin and Nikšić.

Red Tape

No extra fees.