Summit wedding officiant for ABQ or Santa Fe area?

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Summit wedding officiant for ABQ or Santa Fe area?

by scooter12ga » Wed Apr 20, 2011 8:04 pm

Hey everyone,

(Pardon the taboo of cross-posting this on a few forums, NM stuff tends to get buried and I want to ensure this gets good visibility.)

My fiancee and I have decided to have a tiny private wedding ceremony on a local peak. I thought I knew of an officiant that I had climbed with in the past, but was bummed to find out that she's no longer performing ceremonies.

Does anyone have any references for a registered NM wedding officiant who is capable of hiking a few miles on steep terrain, and who would be willing to perform an outdoor ceremony for a reasonable fee/gratuity?

Alternately, are any of YOU officiants/pastors/judges who might be willing to perform this service for the same above mentioned fee/gratuity? (with the potential of hooking up with a new climbing partner ;0) I lead 5.7-5.8 trad, follow up to 10-.)

FWIW, our ideal location is Lake Peak above SF ski area. A fairly easy hike/scramble in the summer.



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