Good first winter/spring climb?

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Good first winter/spring climb?

by Stockwell » Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:02 am

Hey everybody,

So this upcoming late winter/spring I will be buying some crampons, boots, ice axe, etc with hopes of in a couple of years, attempting Whitney via MR or Shasta via AG. Anyways, after hiking many of San Diego County's highest peaks and taking an annual trip to the Sierras I am setting my sights on the San Bernardino Mountains. Does anybody have any favorite routes for various peaks here in So Cal that would be viable for a first timer?

Of course my eyes are set on San G, San J, and Baldy but any peaks will do. It looks like Charleton would be a good one, Jepson, anything really. I just want to dig some spikes in some ice/snow for the first time :D

Just a few newby questions:

1. Are there any renting outlets for boots/crampons in or near Los Angeles so I can give this a shot before I dedicate the money?
2. Any recommended books for winter/spring climbing in Cal? As I don't have any experience on Snow/Ice with Crampons/Ice Axe and only a little knowledge of proper technique.
3. Or would it be reccomended to take a class here in Co Cal? If so I have not found any services which offer classes in the San Bernardinos.
4. Or would any of you kind folk like to help out a new guy on the snow next winter/spring! :lol:

Haha, thanks in advance for the replies everybody. Excited to finally be posting instead of reading :shock:

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