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Puy Mary
Created On: Sep 1, 2009
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Puy Mary, Cantal
Puy Mary from the Vallée de la Jordanne, Cantal

The Puy Mary (1.787m) is the most famous mountain of massif of Monts du Cantal but the highest summit is Plomb du Cantal (1.855m). Even in the same ridge exists another higher peak, the Puy Peyre Arse (1.806m), but the popularity of Puy Mary is due to a nearby road to Pas de Peyrol and the stairway to the summit wih a walk of half an hour. More than 500.000 people climb the summit each year from the Pas de Peyrol because the peak is signaled as one of the 32 nature places of importance of France (Grand site). The mountaineers can walk a more interesting route from the ski-resort of Super-Lioran crossing near of the summits of Puy Griou (1.690m) and Puy de Peyre Arse (1.806m).
Puy Mary (1.783m)

The peak is a very old volcano of more than 7 millions years but the glaciers carved the mountain until 10.000 years ago.

Getting There

Parking busyPas de Peyrol
Pas de PeyrolPas de Peyrol
Pas de PeyrolPas de Peyrol

Clermont-Ferrand is an important city with highways from the main cities of France.
-North: A71 from Paris
-East: A72 from Lyon
-South: A20-A89 from Toulousse
-West: A89 from Bordeaux.

From North (Clermont-Ferrand): A75 to exit 23 (Aurillac/Le Lioran). N-122 to Murat and D-67 to Lioran and the ski-resort of Super-Lioran.

From the South (Montpellier): A75 to exit 29 (Aurillac). D-909 and D-921 to St Flour and D-926 to Murat.

In Super-Lioran you can begin in the parking of the station (1.200m) or you can drive to the nearby Col de la Font de Cere (1.222m).

Pas de Peyrol
The access is near of Super-Lioran and the approach is the same to Murat. In the exit of Murat yo can see a lot of signals to Puy Mary and the col de Peyrol with a parking always with a lot of cars on summer. On winter the road is closed.

Red Tape

Table of orientationSummit

The park of Volcans d’Auvergne has rules about wildlife, camping,… the most important to mountaineers and hikers is the respect to the paths. Walking out of path is forbidden. On the ski-resort you must be careful with the skiers on winter season.
The col de Peyrol has always a lot of people on summer, you must have patience to park the car somedays, maybe the first hours of the day are the better time.


Puy Mary

The free-camping is forbidden.
You has a lot of lodges, campings and hotels in all the area around Le Mont-Doré. If you want to visit the Monts du Cantal in the same holidays maybe it's a good option the area around Issoire (less of 1h by car to both massifs) or Clermont-Ferrand.

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puymary.fr: official site.