Quebrada Quilcayhuanca

The mountain in the distance is Andavite. However, that's not really the end of the valley. At the base of Andavite, you can go slightly left, into the upper Quilcayhuanca, or right, into Quebrada Cayesh, which is where I want to camp tonight.

From the trailhead, it's four hours to the junction. Three and a half more to go from here, and maybe one or two more to find a camp site deep in Quebrada Cayesh, so I don't have to go too far tomorrow, when my goal will be Maparaju. Today it's real easy going, which is a good thing because it's the first day and I'm carrying a big pack. It will get lighter day by day as I'll be eating away at my supplies.

As you can see, there is plenty of water. However, there are also plenty of cows, so it's not safe to drink without treatment.

16 June 2011.


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