Reynolds Peak Skiing

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Reynolds Peak Skiing
Created On: Apr 23, 2009
Last Edited On: Nov 5, 2010


Reynolds Peak has several ski runs as well as approaches to choose from. The climbing is relatively mellow (yet long) and the views of Mount Raymond, Kessler Peak, Gobblers Knob, Little Water Peak as well as Big Cottonwood Canyon are outstanding due to the mountains centalized location. Just about anywhere you choose to drop in is sure to please any backcountry skier.
Reynolds PeakThe north facing trees into Butler Fork is the line of choice.
Skinning up The Stairway to Heaven?Troy skinning up Reynolds Northeast Ridge
Reynolds SummitTroy standing on Reynolds Peak.
Reynolds PeakReynolds Peak from Little Water Peak

Getting There

The easiest approach is to start from Spruces Campground. The parking lot is paved and usually plowed. Just look for the sign that reads "SPRUCES" on the right side of the road after the big Reynolds Flat.
Reynolds PeakA fall veiw of Reynolds Peak from the parking lot you should be looking for.

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Ski Route Descriptions

UP FROM SPRUCES CAMPGROUND To get up to Reynolds from Spruces or the Reynolds Flat, start by crossing the highway. Head up the snow covered road (or trail) through the cabins (or woods) following the main road. Continue past the cabins and along some trees till you reach a divide at about 2 miles in. This divide is after several long flats. Go left here and continue up till you hit Dog Lake. Make another left at the lake and the peak should come into view.
Mill D North divisionTroy making that important left at the division located around the 2 mile mark.
Reynolds PeakTroy skinning up Reynolds Peak

Dog LakeDog Lake
Staring at a soon to be summited Reynolds PeakTroy looking out at the 1st view you will get of Reynolds Peak after Dog Lake

DOWN There are 3 popular ski runs to choose from:

1 Directly from the summit if you traverse slightly to the West you should see some north facing trees. These trees are the line of choice, however you will be decending into Butler Fork. Butler Fork does not end up back at Spruces Campground.
Me checking out an avalanche on Reynolds PeakMe checking out an avalanche crown in the Butler Fork Trees
Reynolds PeakThe less popular side of Reynolds Peak as seen from Circle Awl Peak
ReynoldsTroy skiing the north facing trees.

2. The big and all to obvious Northeast bowl off the summit is too hard to miss. Skiing this line is a close runner up to the run mentioned above and is completly worth all the effort.
Skiing the main bowl Troy skiing the Main Bowl
Behold....The Power Powder Days Neils and the east bowl of Reynolds Peak
Reynolds PeakReynolds Peak from Little Water Peak

3. Big Water Gulch- If you head up the summit ridge after Dog lake you should pass a prominence. If you drop in north from/before this prominence you will be heading into MillCreek Canyon not Big Cottonwood.
Skiing just before the ThunderstormTroy skiing down Big Water Gulch
Skiing Big Water GulchTroy skiing down Big Water Gulch
Skiing Big WaterSkiing in Big Water Gulch

Essential Gear

Avalanche skills, beacon, partner, shovel, probe and common sense. Skis are highly recommended.
Reynolds  Peak AvalancheA large avalanche on Reynolds Peak. Photo Credit -Byates-
A Section of the Cottonwood RidgeA beautiful veiw of the Triple Traverse from the summit of Reynolds Peak.

Red Tape

No Dogs allowed.
NO Dogs

Reynolds Peak Skiing

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