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Location Lat/Lon: 47.45798°N / 12.93808°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering
Seasons Season: Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 8704 ft / 2653 m
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SchoenfeldspitzeSummit statue of Schönfeldspitze

Schönfeldspitze is shurely the most impressive, beautiful and „good looking“ peak of Steinernes Meer / Berchtesgaden Alps. It is a bold, spire-like summit from the north, west and east. Schönfeldspitze, seen from the north or northwest, e.g. from Watzmann, resembles Matterhorn. Consequently it is called sometimes the “Matterhorn of Steinernes Meer”.

So you will not be astonished that Schönfeldspitze is a very popular summit. It looks difficult to climb - all the aretes and ridges look steep and exposed - but the main routes, in some parts secured with some iron devices, are easy options for the experienced hiker or mountaineer who knows how to move in UIAA grade I - rock.

Schönfeldspitze offers three normal routes, an interesting traverse and marvellous 360 degree views from the summit.

The summit ! It is - in my opinion - more than overdone. Be prepared: there is no summit cross, as usual; there is a statue instead ! A giant wooden statue: the holy virgin (about 3 meters high) holding horizontally in front of her the dead body of Jesus Christ, thus forming a sort of cross. It is a famous, well known “landmark” in Steinernes Meer.
For those of the SP community who are always puzzled about the amount of summit crosses in the Alps this statue might cause a sort of shock !

Personally I found it threatening. But you can turn your back on it and savour the gigantic views offered by this beautiful summit.

Getting There

SchoenfeldspitzeSchönfeldspitze as seen from Riemannhaus

The main valley trailhead for Schönfeldspitze is Maria Alm on the south side of Steinernes Meer.

You reach Maria Alm from

  • Kufstein / Inntal valley using road number 173 and 164

  • Traunstein or Berchtesgaden region in Germany by driving to Lofer on road number 178 and by going on on road number 311 to Saalfelden

  • Salzburg and Salzach valley by using highway A 8 (Tauernautobahn) to the exit Bischofshofen or Knoten Pongau and following road number 164 to Saalfelden

  • Zell am See and the southern regions by using road number 311 from Zell am See

  • You reach Saalfelden near Maria Alm by train, too, from Kufstein - Wörgl - Kitzbühel or from Salzburg - Bischofshofen.
    For the schedules please refer to the ÖBB homepage.

    For the Maria Alm trailheads follow alternatively

  • the road leading from the village into Griesbachwinkl and Sandten valley. After some kilometers the road changes into a dirt road which climbs up steeply to the parking area at about 1.200 m. After the parking area the road is closed for public traffic.

  • the road leading into Krallerwinkl, Gasthof (inn) Rohrmoos and Kasereckkapelle.

  • Schönfeldspitze can be reached, too, from the following adjacent mountain huts:

  • from Kärlinger Haus / Funtensee; trailhead to Kärlinger Haus is at the Sankt Bartholomä chapel / Königsee (to be reached only with a ferryboat from Berchtesgaden, see the schedule here)

  • from Ingolstädter Haus; trailhead for Ingolstädter Haus is Weißbach near Lofer; follow trail number 401 through the Dießbachtal to the hut

  • from Wasseralm (not guarded hut, no foodsupply); trailhead to Wasseralm is Obersee at the end of Königsee (to be reached only with ferryboats from Berchtesgaden)

  • from Peter Wiechenthaler Hütte; trailhead for Peter Wiechenthaler Hütte is Saalfelden / Bachwinkl, follow the signposts to the hut via Mueßbacheck and Kreuzweg

  • Red Tape

    SchoenfeldspitzeSchönfeldspitze as seen from Watzmann

    Schönfeldspitze is not part of the Nationalpark Berchtesgaden.

    There are no special restrictions as far as I know.

    Main Routes Overview

    SchoenfeldspitzeAscent to Riemannhaus (left) below Sommerstein

    Two normal routes start at the Ramseider Scharte (west of the summit) / Riemannhaus one at the Buchauer Scharte (east of the summit). All routes unite below the summit. Thus you can plan a nice traverse of the summit, too.

    You reach Ramseider Scharte

  • from the parking area in Sandten valley by following the road up to the supply cableway valley station of Riemannhaus. Follow then the trail number 401 steeply up into the valley between Breithorn and Sommerstein / Schöneck up to Ramseider Scharte and to Riemannhaus. Spectacular views to the Sommerstein tower

  • from Kärlinger Haus by using trail number 413 or trail number 401 across Steinernes Meer

  • from Peter Wiechenthaler Haus via trail number 412 to Weißbachscharte and Wegscheid and trail number 401, the so called Eichstätter Weg to Riemannhaus

  • from Ingolstädter Haus by following the “Eichstädter Weg” - trail number 401

  • You reach Buchauer Scharte

  • from the parking area in Krallerwinkl by using trail number 414 up to the col

  • from Wasseralm by following trail number 424 up to Niederbrunnsulzn and trail number 414 to Buchauer Scharte

  • from Kärlinger Haus by using trail number 413 to Baumgartlhöhe and the left trail to Schönfeldgrube and Buchauer Scharte.
    There is a connecting trail (number 401) between Buchauer Scharte and Ramseider Scharte / Riemannhaus, too. Thus you can plan a loop at your leisure.

  • Summit routes

    Ramseider Scharte

    From the col and Riemannhaus follow the marked trail to the east, crossing some interesting karst features. The trail starts to ascent to the west arete of Schönfeldspitze, overcoming some rockwalls (UIAA grade I), traverses the upper steep south slopes (some rock scramble) and meets at the east ridge the trail from Buchauer Scharte. The last 100 meters the now united trail zizags steeply up the quite exposed east slope (again some rock scamble).

    SchoenfeldspitzeRock scramble at Ramseider Scharte trail to Schönfeldspitze
    SchoenfeldspitzeRock scramble at Ramseider Scharte trail to Schönfeldspitze

    SchoenfeldspitzeSummit block of Schönfeldspitze as seen from Ramseider Scharte trail

    Alternatively follow the trail from Riemannhaus to Sommerstein. Midway a trail to Schöneck branches off. Follow this trail up to the ridge connecting Sommerstein, Schöneck, Wurmkopf with Schönfeldspitze. The trail follows then this ridge crest, traverses the south slopes below Wurmkopf and reaches the trail junction with the above mentioned trail below the west arete of Schönfeldspitze. Sommerstein, Schöneck and / or Wurmkopf can be easily climbed along this trail.

    Buchauer Scharte

    From the col the trail traverses the north slopes under the lower east ridge of Schönfeldspitze and gains the ridge crest after a while (Schönecknieder). It steeply zigzags up to the trail junction with the Ramseider Scharten trail and reaches the summit.

    SchoenfeldspitzeSteinernes Meer as seen from Ramseider Scharte trail

    SchoenfeldspitzeTraverse below summit block

    SchoenfeldspitzeTraverse below summit block


    SchoenfeldspitzeSchönfeldspitze as seen from Königsee

    Accomodations of all kind - hotels, bed & breakfast, campgrounds - can be found in all major villages around Steinernes Meer:

  • Saalfelden>

  • Maria Alm

  • Lofer

  • Ramsau

  • Berchtesgaden

  • The following adjacent mountain huts offer overnight stays:

  • Riemannhaus

  • Peter - Wiechenthaler Hütte

  • Kärlinger Haus

  • Ingolstädter Haus

  • Wasseralm ( only overnight facilities, not a guarded hut)

  • Gear & Mountain Conditions

    SchoenfeldspitzeSchönfeldspitze as seen from ascent to Funtenseetauern

    Mountain Conditions

    Schönfeldspitze is mainly a summer and autumn summit.

    In combination with a ski hike to the adjacent cols or to the ridgecrests, Schönfeldspitze may be climbed in spring, too. This should be a lot more difficult than in summer / autumn.


    You need normal hiking gear with good boots. You need skills to master UIAA grade I in normally good rock.

    Helmet is recommended for the summit routes on crowded days. Harness or Via Ferrata kit is not necessary - there simply are not enough fixed ropes ....

    Bring enough to drink. As a karst plateau, Steinernes Meer nearly has no water for resupply.


    The following topo maps are recommended:

    Alpenvereinskarte scale 1 : 25.000
    Blatt 10/1, Steinernes Meer, 2006

    Topografische Karte von Österreich, scale 1 : 50.000
    Blatt 124



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