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Location Lat/Lon: 46.79490°N / 13.04630°E
Additional Information Elevation: 8717 ft / 2657 m
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The Scharnik is one of the most beautifull and highest mountains in the Kreuzeck Group. It's also one of the only ones which has fixed ropes, so that means also that this mountain isn't a easy 'walk-up' as the other mountains in the group. It's a climb over steep rock but doesn't count as a "II", unless sometimes it gets very close to it.
Irschen a little village in the Drautal lays at the feet of Scharnik, and this valley isn't overcrowded with peolpe. So you can climb to the summit in harmony with nature, without seeing anyone.

  • How to climb it?

    There are various routes to the summit :

  • The normal route start in Irschen, from where you can start walking or driving till Bergheimat. The time you'll need if you walk till there is from the village till the hut something like 2h.
    By car it goes faster but be carrefull cause the road there isn't in good shape, (and a broken car is the last thing you need I think.) But still when you're a little bit carefull it isn't a very big problem.
    Bergheimat is situated at 1581m. So we're still in the forest. Now the route goes over a very nice but steep path, when it's wet it can by very slipery out there so watch your steps. After acsented 1/2h you reach the 'Ochsnerhütte' This is a privat hut where you can drink and eat something that the farmers who life there make. From there it's a easy walk-up till you're on a summitcross just a littlebit after the the 'Ochsnerhütte' When you're on the cross the path (that is good marked) is turning left and going a bit steeper know. You just follow the nice and good visible path untill you're arround 2350 high. You'll see al the way from Bergheimat till there the Scharnik in front of you, so you'll now that it can't stay as easy as it was till know. Well at 2350 the path disepears and the only thing you'll see know are rocks that rise above you. From know on till the summit it's for a not climber a litllebit scarry. Just make sure you always have a mark that you can see, and climb from mark till mark. It's sometimes verry steep so the fixed ropes are sometimes very welkome. But once you've reached the summit the view is wonderfull.
    From Bergheimat till summit its a 3 1/2h climb.

    For the descent towards Bergheimat you have 3 options :

  • You can go the way back as you came
  • You can descent on the opposite site of the summit and go to Gursgen Törl at 2445m, and go from there back to Bergheimat. This descent is a bit longer but it's an option to get back at the 'Ochsnerhütte' on a different route.
  • The third option is going to Gursgen Törl and from there to The Hugo Gerbers Hütte , after spending the night there you can go back to Bergheimat or you can choose between a trekking to Anna Schutz Haus (This is a hut that is situated in the west of the Kreuzeckgrüppe) or you can go to the Feldnerhütte (Central in the Kreuzeckgrüppe)
    From Hugo Gerbers till Anna schutz is a 7h walk through easy terrain.
    From Hugo Gerbers till Feldnerhütte is also 7h walk but not as easy as the path towards Anna Schutz

  • The second route starts at the Hugo Gerbers Hütte, witch is situated in the hart of the Kreuzeckgrüppe. You can reached the hut from Feldnerhütte (see Kreuzeck page
    Or from Anne Schutzhaus witch is situated in the west of the group.

    From Hugo Gerbers Hütte you can reached the summit of Scharnik in 3h from there (Hugo Gerbers Hütte) you can go down to Irschen in a 6h walk.

    Getting There

  • By car :

    On the highway Salzburg/Villach you have to take the exit Millstat/ Lendorf/Lienz. Then you have to drive towards Lienz on the mainway that has as route-number 100. After driving through a little tunnel it's still around 40km. To reach Irschen, it's a nice village in the centre of the Drautal.

    Coming from Lienz you just have to drive towards Spittal also on the way witch has as number 100.

  • By Train

    Take an IC train untill Spittal, From there you have to take the locale train Spittal/Lienz. There is a trainstation in the village.

    Or take an IC train till Lienz and take than the locale train Lienz/Spittal.

    Red Tape

    No red tape

    When To Climb

    Mostly climbed in summer, it's possible to climb it the year through but it will be very dangerous when you try to climb it when it's icy.


    The Website of The Feldnerhütte site of Oeav

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    The website of The camping in Irschen

    Mountain Conditions

    Website : Scharnik Tour

    Website : Hugo Gerbers Hütte site of Oeav

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