Schusterplatte / Lastron dei Scarperi

Schusterplatte / Lastron dei Scarperi

Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 46.65720°N / 12.31660°E
Activities: Mountaineering, Scrambling
Season: Summer, Fall
Elevation: 9701 ft / 2957 m

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From the summit ridge of...Summit view - towards Dreischusterspitze
November 29th, 2004 - Initial setup of the page.


The Dreischuster subgroup, seen from south-west. Photo: Gangolf Haub.

One of the most beautiful and wild subgroups of Sexten Dolomites / Dolomiti di Sesto is the Dreischusterspitze / Punta dei Tre Scarperi subgroup. If you are arriving from Austria along the Drau river, near the old town of Innichen / San Candido a wild castle of rock needles suddenly shows. In full splendor in front of you is one of the highest and most hardly reachable mountains od Dolomites. South of Dreischusterspitze ridges of this subgroup branch a bit and turn towards east. In the centre of this mountain world a broad ridge mountain stands - Schusterplatte / Lastron dei Scarperi.

It can be ascended from south, where the normal approach goes. Some 25 years ago the ascent route was marked. On Tabacco map, No. 10 the ascent is not marked but trip reports on the web still talk about a marked normal ascent. It requires some scramble and easy climbing below the summit and is not hard.

It seems that Schusterplatte is not a mountain for attractive harder climb. However it is a desired goal of a hard ski tour. The tour into Wisslahn / Lavina Bianca is one of the most spectacular, but hard ski tours in Sexten Dolomites.

Unknown to me are the northern and western side of mountain. Any information would be highly appreciated.
Drei Zinnen / Tre Cime with...Gangolf Haub - From the NE
Schusterplatte as seen from...Gangolf Haub - From the NW
 The Fortress ganesh70 - "The Fortress"

Summit Views

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On the summit of...Summit mood
On the top you will be rewarded with a great panorama. Already during the ascent you will be fascinated by the view towards Tre Cime / Drei Zinnen. Reaching the summit ridge a fantastic view opens towards the wild Dreiscusterspitze. And in a clear day you will also enjoy vistas on the rest of Sexten Dolomites (Elfer and Zwoelfer on the east and haunold on the west) and also further on more distant groups.

Getting There

For the broader overview see the Dolomites page and the Sexten Dolomites page.

From north approach you start in Sextental from which you drive south either into Innerfeldtal / Val Campo di Dentro or in Fischleintal / Val Fiscalina. In the first one the end parking place is on 1509m (in 2002 it was still toll free), in the second valley you can drive up to 1454m (Dolomitenhof - a day parking toll = €3).

If you arrive from south, you can choose any approach to Drei-Zinnen-Huette / Rif. Tre Cime / Rif. Locatelli, 2405m. See the main pageof Sexten Dolomites. By car you can drive highest to the parking place below Drei Zinnen / Tre Cime di Lavaredo. The drive up from Misurina must be paid.

Routes Overview

The Dreischuster subgroup, credit to: Gangolf Haub

Schusterplatte, seen from...The south face

1. Through Innichbacher Graben / Vallone del Rio di San Candido. From Dreischusterhuette / Rif. Tre Scarperi, 1626m by the marked path 105 towards south and on the altitude 1880m left (SE) into the side valley. Till the end and left over SE slopes to the summit. Not marked, UIAA I-II.

2. Through Altsteinertal / Val Sassovecchio. From Dolomitenhof, 1454m some 4-5 hours. Marked path 102 towards Drei-Zinnen_Huette, then towards north into the upper part of Innichbacher Graben and over SE slopes to the summit. Easy climb (UIAA I), marked. This tour is done also as a ski tour.

3. From Drei-Zinnen-Huette, 2405m. 2h 30min. To Innichriedl, crossing into the upper part of Innichbacher Graben and over SE slopes to the summit. Easy climb (UIAA I) and scramble. Marked.

4. Ski tour towards the NE. From the summit we go by the NW ridge towards Weisslahnspitze / Punta Lavina Bianca, 2987 m. The ridge is very narrow and exposed, no error allowed. After we do the ridge ascent on foot, we find ourselves on a narrow notch between the two summits. There we deter right down, through a narrow and steep ravine. After overcoming a rock step, we reach the broad basin of Weisslahn / Lavina Bianca and continue by it to Fischleinboden (valley).

5. The ridge: Schusterplatte - Weisslahnspitze. The difficulty of the riodge is supposedly UIAA II.

Red Tape

No restrictions.

When To Climb

June to September/October are the best summer months. For tour skiing I guess conditions must be perfect, so probably April and May can be safer of avalanches.


Rifugio LocatelliLif Locatelli / Drei-Zinnen Huette
  • Dreischusterhuette / Rif. Tre Scarperi, in Innerfeldtal / Val Campo di Dentro,1626 m. Opened in summer. Tel.: +39 0474 966610.
  • Talschlusshuette / Rif. al Fondo Valle, in Fischleintal / Val Fiscalina, 1548 m. Opened June - Oct / Dec - April. Tel.: +39 0474 710606.
  • Drei-Zinnen-Huette / Rif. Tre Cime / Rif. Locatelli, 2405 m. Opened in summer. Tel.: +39 0474 972002.