Tallest peaks in Guatemala

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Tallest peaks in Guatemala
Created On: Oct 20, 2008
Last Edited On: Dec 11, 2008
Below are lists of the tallest volcanic and mountain peaks in Guatemala. This is not a complete list, yet, and I'm not exactly sure how to define "tallest" so I'll probably just keep adding peaks as time allows. There are thirty six volcanoes in Guatemala and numerous mountain peaks. For some of the peaks, I have included a link to the corresponding topographic map. Just click on the Department (State) name. Be advised, however, that these are rather old topographic maps. Things have definitely changed since these were printed. But, you should get a reasonable idea of the shape of the land and the vertical features of the various peaks. If there is a corresponding Rock or Mountain page, click on the name of the peak. More links will be added as time and maps allow. To see all the old topos, special thanks to Corax for providing the information, click here.

Highest Mountains

1Montaña Siete Cruces, Solola3185m14.47/-91.25
2Cerro Cotzic, San Marcos3171m15.11/-91.54
3Cerro Chuicham,Quetzaltenango3168m14.47/-91.26
4Tojchij, San Marcos3112m15.18/-92.01
5Tuicacaix, Quetzaltenango3084m14.85/-91.66
6Candelaria, Quetzaltenango 3056m14.80/-91.51
7Cumbre Maria Tecun, Totonicapan3016m14.86/-91.21
8Cerro Tecpan, Chimaltenango 2953m14.78/-91.01
9Cerro Serchil, San Marcos2949m15.03/-91.80
10Cerro Raxon, Alta Verapaz 2948m15.15/-89.73
11Cerro Yolquen, Huehuetenango2930m15.90/-91.55
12Montana Culuxquen, Huehuetenango2912m15.89/-91.48
13Montana Culumte, Huehuetenango2884m15.88/-91.58
14Cerro Pinalon, El Progreso2883m15.08/-89.91
15Montana Catelac, Huehuetenango2874m15.85/-91.53
16Montana Achejte, Huehuetenango2873m15.88/-91.60
17Cerro Chonajtajuyub, Huehuetenango2868m15.78/-91.45
18Montaña Chuanimajuyub, Huehuetenango2862m14.81/-91.30
19Cerro Paquisis, San Lucas Toliman2831m14.36/-91.11
20Cerro Tzampual, Solola2818m14.81/-91.28

Highest Volcanoes

1Tajumulco, San Marcos4220m15.04/-91.90
2Tacana, San Marcos4092m15.13/-92.10
3Acatenango, Chimaltenango3976m14.30/-90.52
4Santa Maria, Quetzaltenango3772m14.75/-91.54
5Volcan de Agua, Esquintla3765m14.46/-90.74
6Volcan de Fuego, Chimaltenango3765m14.28/-90.52
7Volcan Atitlan, Solola3557m14.60/-91.20
8Pico Zunil, Quetzaltenango3542m14.46/-91.27
9Volcan Santo Tomas, Quetzaltenango 3505m14.71/-91.47
10Siete Orejas, Quetzaltenango3370m14.49/-91.37
11Cerro Quemado, Quetzaltenango3197m14.47/-91.31
12Volcan Tolimán, San Lucas Tolimán3158m14.36/-91.11
13San Pedro, San Lucas Tolimán3020m14.63/-91.23
14Chicabal, Quetzaltenango2900m14.79/-91.65
15Volcan de Pacaya, Esquintla2770m14.38/-90.60

Tallest peaks in Guatemala

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