The Crown of Polish Mountains

The Crown of Polish Mountains

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The Crown of Polish Mountains /Korona Gór Polski, KGP/ is the local equiwalent of commonly known ideas like Seven Summits or 14x8000. This list consist of 28 peaks- the highest one of each mountain range in Poland. There's also one assumption: the summit must be reachable by a marked trail. Because of that the highest peaks of Góry Bialskie and Góry Złote are not included into this lists /substituted by lower summits/.

The inventors of that list are Marek Więckowski and Wojciech Lewandowski. They presented it in magazine 'Poznaj Swój Kraj' in 1997. On December 13, 1997 the official organization was founded: Klub Zdobywców Korony Gór Polski. The intention of whole idea was to promote other mountain ranges than overcrowded Tatras, show the beauty, history, geology and culture of these regions.

Korona Gór Polski and Klub Zdobywców Korony Gór Polski are trademarks.
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The List

Peak Mountain range Height: meters/feet Prominence: meters Lat/Lon
Rysy1 Tatras 2499/8198 163 49°10'46 N/ 20°05'18 E
Babia Góra Beskid Żywiecki 1725/5659 1075 49°24'39 N/ 19°31'46 E
Śnieżka Karkonosze 1602/5256 1202 50°44'17628 N/ 15°44'23651 E
Śnieżnik Masyw Śnieżnika / Jeseniky 1425/4675 657 50°12'25214 N/ 16°50'57214 E
Tarnica Bieszczady 1346/4416 494 49°04' N/ 22°44' E
Turbacz Gorce 1310/4298 605 49°53' N/ 20°12' E
Radziejowa Beskid Sądecki 1262/4140 533 49°26'58 N/ 20°36'16 E
Skrzyczne Beskid Śląski 1257/4124 585 49°41'04 N/ 19°01'49 E
Mogielica Beskid Wyspowy 1173/3848 421 49°39'16 N/ 20°16'39 E
Wysoka Kopa Góry Izerskie 1126/3694 240 50°50'57786 N/ 15°25'16100 E
Rudawiec2 Góry Bialskie 1112/3648 91 50°14'38616 N/ 16°58'33190 E
Orlica3 Góry Orlickie 1084/3556 - 50°21'09238 N/ 16°21'46980 E
Wysoka Pieniny 1050/3445 247 49°22'49 N/ 20°33'20 E
Wielka Sowa Góry Sowie 1015/3330 485 50°40'45797 N/ 16°29'13110 E
Lackowa Beskid Niski 997/3271 361 49°25'59 N/ 21°06'17 E
Kowadło4 Góry Złote 989/3245 124 50°15'52085 N/ 17°00'33113 E
Jagodna Góry Bystrzyckie 977/3205 247 50°15'06635 N/ 16°34'00030 E
Skalnik Rudawy Janowickie 945/3100 220 50°48'22068 N/ 15°53'47933 E
Waligóra Góry Kamienne 936/3071 366 50°40'47921 N/ 16°16'43320 E
Czupel Beskid Mały 933/3061 523 49°47' N/ 19°10' E
Szczeliniec Wielki Góry Stołowe 919/3015 259 50°29'04463 N/ 16°20'34274 E
Lubomir Beskid Makowski 904/2966 349 49°45'42 N/ 20°04'11 E
Biskupia Kopa Góry Opawskie 889/2917 163 50°15'21607 N/ 17°25'22048 E
Chełmiec5 Góry Wałbrzyskie 869/2851 281 50°46'43273 N/ 16°12'39946 E
Kłodzka Góra Góry Bardzkie 765/2510 282 50°27'12960 N/ 16°45'29761 E
Skopiec6 Góry Kaczawskie 724/2375 60 50°56'37608 N/ 15°53'12120 E
Ślęża Masyw Ślęży 718/2356 468 50°51'54061 N/ 16°42'31741 E
Łysica7 Góry Świętokrzyskie 612/2008 362 50°53' N/ 20°54' E

1 Rysy has three summits, the highest being the Cental Summit (2501 m according to new measuerements) and located in Slovakia. NW summit is 2499 m high and is located on the border, being the highest summit in Poland, hence the prominence of the NW summit is around few meters.
2 The highest summit of Góry Bialskie is Travna Hora (1121 m- Czech Republic). The highest Polish peak of Góry Bialskie is Postawna- 1117 m.
3 Actual summit of Orlica falls in Czech Republic, some twenty meters from borderline.
4 The highest summit of Góry Złote is Smrek (1125 m- Czech Republic). The highest Polish peak of Góry Złote is Brusko- 1120 m.
Some sources give Chełmiec 851 m and that makes the peak being lower than other mountain in Góry Wałbrzyskie- Borowa: 854 m. On the official list Chełmiec is still pointed as the highest peak in that range.
New measurements state that Skopiec is 718,6 m high making it the third highest in Góry Kaczawskie, with Folwarczna (722,9 m) and Baraniec (720,3 m) being first and second respectively.
7 Łysica has two summits. Until 2018 western summit was considered as being higher (612 m). New measurements state that eastern summit called Skała Agaty (Agatha's Rock) being two meters higher (614 m). 

To complete...

Many people completes the list apart from the club. The peaks are easy accesible, hiking mountains so many tourists visit these mountains while travelling around Poland.

To recieve the official name of Zdobywca Korony Gór Polski (Summiteer of The Crown of polish Mountains) you must be a member of the club and present the evidence all your ascents to the commitee. After the verification you gather the title.

The competition of completing the crown the fastest is still on progress. The current record is 76 hours.