Ötztaler Alps

View south from just SW of the summit of the Hohe Geige (3395m).

The rock on the left is part of Hohe Geige. The route doesn't go up there, it's much easier - no hands required even.

On the far right is the Puitkogel (3345m).

The white glacier in the center marks the easy normal route up to the Innere Schwarze Schneide (3367m). It's too far away to see, but there are ski lifts on the lower slopes. There used to be summer skiing, but I don't know if that's still possible. When I passed there a few days later, the lift wasn't running. Then again, perhaps I was simply too early in the day for that.

A bit vague, much further away, the Ramolkögel (3550m) can be seen just left of Innere Schwarze Schneide.

29 June 2012.


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