A Little About Me

These are my selected peak-bagging highlights by elevation group:

Citlaltépetl 2006

Tahoma 1998, 2009
Shasta 2009
Malintzin 1998, 2006

Ajusco 2014
Koma Kulshan 2009
Wy-East 1997
Dahkobed 1999
Pah-to 1996, 2010
Big Sister 2010
Lassen Peak 2008

Kesh yainatat 2013
LuWit 1995, 1999
Mazama 2008
Teofani 2006
Yolotepec 1999, 2006
Queest Alb 1999
Huayna Picchu 1995

Kaleetan Peak 2009
Mount Angeles 2008
Mt. Washington 2007
Kimta Peak 2000

The person whom I have found most eloquently reflects my thoughts on the mountains was Theodore Winthrop, who visited the great NW in the 1850s and wrote about his adventure in Klalam and Klickatat, aka The Canoe and the Saddle.

On the true names of the Cascade volcanoes:

"Farthest away in the west, as near the western sea as mountains can stand, are the Cascades. Sailors can descry their landmark summits firmer than cloud, a hundred miles away. [Koma] Kulshan, misnamed Mount Baker by the vulgar, is their northernmost buttress up to 49º... Its name I got from the Lummi tribe at its base, after I had dipped in their pot at a boiled-salmon feast. As to Baker, than name should be forgotten. Mountains should not be insulted by being named after undistinguished bipedals, nor by the prefix of Mount. Mt. Chimborazo... seems as feeble as Mr. Julius Cesar."

On the allure of the mountains in general:

Poet comes long after pioneer. Mountains have been waiting...while mankind looked upon them as high, cold, dreary, crushing, as resorts for demons and homes of desolating storms. It is only lately, in the development of men's compreshension of nature, that mountains have been recognized as our noblest friends, our most exalting and inspiring comrades, our grandest embems of divine power and divine peace.

On the joy of long or far away wilderness trips:

"To have started with the dawn is a proud and exhilerating recollection all the day long... Tame and inarticulate is the harmony of a day that has not known the delicious preludes of dawn."

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