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VELEBIT/Zadar county, Croatia, Europe
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Created On: Jan 15, 2004
Last Edited On: Jan 17, 2004

About Routes

Info about Veliki Golic in on the main page in its own section. Summit of Veliki Golic is approached by two paths. One leads from Strazbenica pass, the other via its long SE ridge. Strazbenica is accessed by 3 paths. One is short branch from Paklenica hut – Struge – Vaganski Vrh route. Other leads from Paklenica hut via Mozak ridge and third comes from Veliko Rujno. Route via SE ridge branches from Velika Paklenica – Veliko Rujno route via Njivarska Strana.

Both approaches are completely different. SE ridge is sharp and open, has beautiful views, but terrain is made of sharp rocks which makes it tough to walk. Before the main summit there are several fake ones. On the other hand approaches from Paklenica hut & Strazbenica lead through beautiful beech forests which on Strazbenica turn into black pine forests. Paths are soft and comfortable having plenty of shade in hot summer months. Which to choose depends what you prefer. If you are based in Paklenica hut perhaps it is best to ascend via Mozak & Strazbenica and use SE ridge for descent.

Velika Paklenica – Njivarska Strana – SE ridge - Veliki Golic: 3h

This route branches from main Starigrad Paklenica – Paklenica hut route, 1h from parking in Velika Paklenica and 30mins from Paklenica hut. Till this point check Starigrad Paklenica – Paklenica hut route description on Liburnija (1710m) page. Wooden sign by the path points Veliko Rujno via Njivarska Strana. You have to add mentioned 1h or 30mins to the route, depending from which direction you are coming.

Njivarska Strana (Side of Njive) is actually a name for the side of the valley placed below Njive plateau which is behind the edge of the valley. Path ascends up the side in countless zigzags some 45mins till the edge. From the ascent is nice view down into the valley and towards sharp Vidakov Kuk (862m) on the other side of the valley. Just below the edge is a junction where from right approaches path which leads from Paklenica hut via Suha Draga. This is nice variation if you are climbing Veliki Golic from Paklenica hut via SE ridge or if you are returning to the hut this way.

Behind the edge path passes by the Njive meadows and in some 10mins reaches Ramici hamlet where is junction. Left between the houses path leads towards Vidakov Kuk (843m) and Starigrad Paklenica via Tomici. You go right through narrow ‘street’ between rocky fences on both sides. Street cuts across the field and at its end turns left and begins to ascent. At first gradually then in few zigzags till the junction, some 20mins from previous junction in Ramici. Left path leads towards Veliko Rujno. You turn right towards Veliki Golic.

You go by the right edge of Donji Borovik meadows. Once behind it path begins to ascent towards the descending ridge of Grabar (1198m), which is high to the left. Veliki Golic is further back and its not visible. After some 10mins you reach panoramic ridge of Veliki Golic and Grabar which falls steeply towards Velika Paklenica from this point.

Here path turns left and keep this direction all the way. It leads straight up the sharp ridge. On the right is deep Suha Draga valley while on the left view expands towards sea. In some 50mins you reach Grabar (1198m).

Behind it ridge gently ascends till the last climb below Veliki Golic (1265m) which you reach through the pines, some 40mins from Grabar.

Paklenica hut – Mozak ridge – Strazbenica – Veliki Golic: 3h

Mozak means Brain. Up this smart ridge leads very beautiful path towards the Strazbenica variation. Initial part from Paklenica hut has 2 variations. One immediately ascends to Kosirica, which is beginning of the ridge. The other goes for a while through Brezimenjaca part of NW end of upper Velika Paklenica valley and then ascends to the ridge reaching it between both Mozak heads. This last variation is called via Javorje. Both are beautiful so I wouldn’t know which one to recommend. First one via Kosirica begins steeply but has nice views while the other begins gently and ascends little bit later through beautiful beech forest.

Kosirica variation
By the Paklenica hut is small fire-place house. Next to it sign points left to Suha Draga. After 5mins path reaches the Brezimenjaca creek and crosses it. A minute after path passes by nice semi-cave Babunjasa which can also be used to sleep over if hut is too crowded. Behind steep ascent begins. You should reach the ridge in some 30mins from the creek or bit less. Here is immediate junction where is straight to Suha Draga and Njive where this path joins route from Velika Paklenica which ascends via Njivarska Strana.

You turn right here. Path traverses slope right of ridge going through nice pines with beautiful view down to the hut, upper Paklenica valley and towering high part of Velebit above, where Crljeni Kuk (1661m) dominates. Path then begins to gradually ascent through beech and pine groves. After 20mins you’ll reach junction where from right approaches variation via Javorje.

Javorje variation
This path begins near the pool above the hut where it branches towards left, passing just behind the hut. You can also climb to it from fire-place house, path is 10m above it. In next 30mins, maybe little bit less, path traverses slopes right above Brezimenjaca creek gradually ascending till the junction. Right branch continues towards Buljma pass while you go straight.

Marks descent little bit till Brezimenjaca creek where you cross it. On the other side it immediately begins to climb steeply but after several minutes it takes right direction and through beautiful beech forests ascend up the slope of Mozak ridge. Forest is so beautiful that we always called it enchanted. After some 30mins you’ll reach the ridge where is junction. From left approaches Kosirica variation.

Joint path continues to ascent up the ridge. Some places are steeper other are less. On few places path crosses over from one side of the ridge to the other but constantly going through beautiful beech forest. On few places views open towards high peaks of Velebit while Veliki Golic peeps through branches on the left. In 1h you reach Strazbenica (1120m) pass. Last ascent before pass is quite steep leading over red rocks. On the pass there is a junction where right path leads to nearby source and further towards Buljma pass & Struge refuge or down to Paklenica hut. Idyllic Strazbenica pass is fantastic place to rest a bit and eat something. Just right of the junction is perfect place for with wooden seats and decomposing wooden eaves. It is placed in perfect beech forest with some pines.

Signs on the junction point left towards Golic & Veliko Rujno. 5mins behind the junction is beautiful viewpoint from where you see Veliko Rujno plateau. On the left is large cone of Veliki Golic, your goal. On the right dominates huge Viserujna (1632m).

From the viewpoint path descents little bit and in few minutes reaches the junction where right branch descends towards Veliko Rujno while you continue straight. Path begins to ascend again and in few bends reaches the pass between Strazbenica (1160m) peak and Vrata od Suhe Drage. From here is beautiful view down into Suha Draga valley. Path now traverses the slopes of last one horizontally through beautiful black pine forest. In 20mins from last junction you’ll reach Zupkov Docic, nice meadows on the pass between Vrata od Suhe Drage and Veliki Golic.

From here path ascends in many bends, quite steeply. Through rare pines and with beautiful views path reaches the summit of Veliki Golic (1265m) after some 15-20mins.

Paklenica hut – Buljma pass route – Strazbenica – Veliki Golic: 3.15h

This Paklenica hut variation uses classic Buljma pass – Struge – Vaganski Vrh route to access Strazbenica towards which leads separate branch in last 15mins. You don’t have to check that description because here I’ll repeat whole section till the junction. This route is bit longer than the one via Mozak ridge which is also more beautiful. You can combine one for the ascent and the other for descent if you don’t want to return to Paklenica hut via tough SE ridge. In that case it better to use this one for ascent and the one via Mozak for descent.

Right of the hut path passes by the pool and enters the woods. After few minutes of ascent view towards peaks which tower above Paklenica opens. It is dominated by massive Crljeni Kuk (1661m). Behind is view down the Paklenica valley. After short ascent path turns left and is almost horizontal till Ramici hamlet and Jole's house 10-15mins from the hut. Here is junction where 3 routes divide. Little bit to the right leads Lipa Staza towards Vaganski Vrh (1757m). Straight forwards is Bukova Staza which also leads towards Vaganski Vrh (1757m) via Babino Jezero lake. Left is our branch towards Buljma pass.

In next 10mins path leads over flat then gradually ascends till the junction where from left approaches hut variation from which Javorje variation towards Mozak branches. Our direction is right but path immediately makes 180° turn and ascends through lower maples and hornbeams. Soon you’ll reach high and beautiful beech forest with huge trees. Through it path constantly ascends above Brezimenjaca valley. On the other side of the valley is parallel Mozak ridge. From last junction it is 1h or bit less till nice balcony with high black pines. Here is usuall rest. Above are cliffs of Rapavac (1617m) while in front, some 10km away sticks Sveto Brdo (1751m).

Above the balcony path continues to ascent and in next 30mins you reach junction where right continues route towards Buljma pass & Struge refuge. Continue straight towards Veliki Golic as sign points.

Hundred meters behind the junction is nice water source, which dries during summer. Narrow path now traverses steep slopes below Viserujna, slightly ascending, with beautiful view down towards Velika Paklenica valley, with Sveto Brdo (1751m) in the background. After 20mins you reach junction on Strazbenica pass (1120m), 2.15h from Paklenica hut.

For further going see the route above.

Veliki Golic

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