Yosemite N.P.- Half Dome

Yosemite N.P.- Half Dome

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Half Dome Gallery

Pictures from our planned Half Dome dayhike in Yosemite. The campgrounds were full, so we opted to backpack in 6 miles or so on Friday night. This did get us to the cables earlier on Sat. morning, which was nice because it turned out to be a very warm fall day.

Yosemite Valley, me, and someone s hair clip

Up the valley

Two halves make a whole?

I see you

Todd and the cable route

Todd s BBQ- and Todd

Vernal Falls- the end

Falls and rainbows

Boulders and Cobbles

Cattle car close up

Rush hour

Muuuuuuch better

Hanging out

The old route

Local high

Cable car close up

Cable car

The Stairs

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