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Giusto Gervasutti (English
Version) Giusto Gervasutti (English Version)  by Rustichelli

Born in Cervignano in Friuli on 17th April 1909 , in 1931 he moved to Turin to study at the local University. As an expert of climbing on limestone rocks he rapidly got used to granite and the high Western Alps. He continued, though, an intensive activity on the Dolomites: Solleder to Sass Maor with G. Boccalatte and Solleder to Civetta with L.Devies. He was thus able to integrate his Dolomites - rock - climber skills with his western- ice -climber - knowledge and succeeded in ascents so far unthinklable of.

Glossary: summit, peak, etc Glossary: summit, peak, etc  by nartreb

This is to provide a reference and standardized answer to the frequent confusion arising over terms such as "mountain", "peak", and "summit." I realize that local usage will sometimes differ, but it may be useful to have a standard glossary for SP purposes. I have done my best to verify my definitions using authoritative English-language dictionaries. Please provide corrections or interesting local variations in comments to this page. If someone would like to do something similar for other languages, (like, what's the difference between a -spitz and a -horn) please attach your page to this one as a "related" object. If you PM me I'll also provide a prominent link to it right here in this section.

AMR Reach
And Treat: Who we are and what we do AMR Reach And Treat: Who we are and what we do  by ReachandTreat

The American Medical Response (AMR) Reach And Treat (RAT) Team is a group of EMT's and Paramedics in the employ of AMR Northwest that are specially trained to respond to medical emergencies, special rescue situations, and search and rescue missions regardless of location. We are able to administer full advanced life support medications and care available on an ambulance, and are equipped to support a patient until resources can be called in to evacuate the patient to the hospital. We cover the any and all backcountry areas in Clackamas County, Oregon, including part of Mount Hood.

Buhl (1924-1957) Hermann Buhl (1924-1957)  by Lukas Kunze

The fascination of Hermann Buhl has a lot to do with the first ascent of Nange Parbat in 1953. Buhl was invited in 1952 and trained a lot. His final test was the first solo and winter ascent of Watzmann east face. 31 people had died on Nanga Parbat until that date and it didn' t look so well for the Austro German expedition lead by Dr. Herrligkoffer. The expedition had to deal with bad weather and ill organisation and finally the climbers among Buhl where called back to basecamp. On July 1st the weather got better and after a discussion with the basecamp they got green light to make a summit attempt. After this they ascended to camp V (6900m / 22600ft) to have a good start point of their summit attempt. On the next day at 1am Buhl woke Otto Kempter, who didn' t feel good. He said that he' ll follow Buhl in a few hours. Buhl decided to try a solo ascent.

Ascent of the Eiger's Mittellegi Ridge First Ascent of the Eiger's Mittellegi Ridge  by Fred Spicker

There were numerous attempts to ascend the Mittellegi Ridge and several successful descents of the route before it was finally climbed in1921. Most of the early attempts were thwarted by the extremely difficult rock of the Great Gendarme and the rock step above. The first recorded attempt on the ridge was on 6 July 1874. In 1885 the ridge was descended for the first time. In an interesting trip on 8 August 1894, a party abandoned their attempt on the ridge and descended the lower part of the Northeast Face (Lauper Route) from about 3500 m.

Rappel Anchor Retrievable Rappel Anchor  by Scott

This method is used for clean rappeling anchors and avoids leaving any webbing/slings behind. In some areas, leaving rap anchors is illegal. t is always a good idea to leave as little behind as possible. This method can be modified for pitons/bolted anchors as well. This is just for fun and clean climbing ethics most of the time. No one has to use the method.

The Legend
of Anton Tozbar - Spik The Legend of Anton Tozbar - Spik  by Vid Pogachnik

In 1871 a nasty bear came into the poor Trenta valley, making damage. So, the best hunters of Trenta valley decided to get rid of him. It was April, 1871, when they organised a big hunt, where one group closed the whole valley of Beli potok and proceeded from bottom of the valley upwards, why the second group of five hunters went even much earlier around the mountain group (Pihavec), closing the valley from above. They knew the beast was somewhere in the steep valley, but the outcome of the hunt was uncertain.

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