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Valentin Slatnar - Bos Valentin Slatnar - Bos  by Vid Pogachnik

As each mountain area, also Kamnik and Savinja Alps have many heroes, but there's no doubt that in the pioneering times Valentin Slatnar - Bôs was the most legendary son of those mountains.

mountains of Fashion in times past in the Aosta Valley The mountains of Fashion in times past in the Aosta Valley  by OsvaldoCardellina

We do not care how it is started the History of Mountaineering, with its renowned tops like Gran Paradiso, Mont Blanc Jorasses, Velan, Combins & Matterhorn. Instead, we want to take a look to see what's going on around there, without disturbing the Great Climbing Era but trying to figure out what were the Mode of former times.

Kulshan Cabin Kulshan Cabin  by Norman

The first time I saw the Kulshan Cabin was in 1968, I think. I was part of a Seattle Mountaineer's trip climbing my first Volcano, Mt. Baker, via the Coleman/Demming Glaciers. I was finishing my "Basic Climbing Course" at 15 years old with my brother and sister who were also on this climb.

World's Easiest 6000 metre
Mountain(s) World's Easiest 6000 metre Mountain(s)  by steved

Over the last few months (Dec 2016 to Apr 2017) I have had the opportunity to climb a number of peaks in South America, four of them with the title 'world's easiest 6000 metre climb', these would be Huayna Potosi, Acotango, Uturuncu (all in Bolivia) and Chachani (Peru). In my opinion, I decided to list them in order of difficulty.

on MONT-BLANC - The Vincendon and Henry Tragedy SHIPWRECKED on MONT-BLANC - The Vincendon and Henry Tragedy  by ericvola

This tragedy occurred on the Eve of Christmas1956. The agony of two young climbers followed by the whole of France has marked generations of French climbers and the whole French climbing community, professionals and amateurs alike. For the 60th anniversary, the new edition of the excellent book written by Yves Ballu 20 years before - Naufrage au Mont-Blanc - (Guerin Editions Paulsen 2017) which provided invaluable data for this article - with many quotes the author obtained from the protagonists most marked with YB - had a foreword of one of the very few survivors of the drama, my friend Claude Dufourmantelle, who tried more than most to save the life of his friends.

Lands at Risk Lands at Risk  by RobSC

Unfortunately, all of these places: Indian Creek, the Wave, and the Grand Staircase are all at risk. A recent executive order by the president has asked for review as to whether these, some of the most amazing places on the planet, are worthy of protection. Bears Ears, many say, should be done away with entirely.

Basics: An Introduction to Orientation and Navigation Compass Basics: An Introduction to Orientation and Navigation  by vanman798

The basics of compass usage are surprisingly simple and can be mastered quickly; and once learned they will certainly become an invaluable skill for any hiker, mountaineer, back country skier or suchlike outdoor enthusiast. However, if you are anything like most of us, chances are you have been packing a compass around for years, on your outdoor adventures, without fully utilizing it. It’s probably time to change that, isn’t it? Essentially a compass is nothing more than a magnetized needle, floating in a liquid, and responding to the Earth’s magnetic field consequently revealing directions.

1966 - The
DRUS Rescue 1966 - The DRUS Rescue  by ericvola

13th of August 1966: two Germans, Heinz Ramisch and Hermann Schridell started the ascent of the West face of the Drus; caught in a storm, they stopped on the small ledge below and to the right of the pendulum, 700 meters above the ground. They will spend ten days on the wall. Plunged into an adventure largely above their capabilities, they will be the cause of one of the largest mountain rescue operation ever done in the Alps.

THE MONTE BIANCO (<b><i>The Crystal Hunters</i></b> First Part) CRYSTALS OF THE MONTE BIANCO (The Crystal Hunters First Part)  by Antonio Giani

Franco Lucianaz was born in Aosta February the 16th, 1941 and he lives in fraction Valpettaz (Charvensod). Ex Regional dependent USL of the Aosta Valley, ski monitor and president of the Aosta Valley Mineralogical group "Les Amis di Berrio" (from 1995). Because of his long and proven career of mineralogist (cristallier or researcher of champions of crystals) he is defined by now in the local environment a "legend."

Out of the Ashes - A New
Pine Ridge Emerges Out of the Ashes - A New Pine Ridge Emerges  by panhandletrails

Fortunately for Nebraska’s Pine Ridge region, the “three strikes and you are out” rule does not apply. Major forest fires in 1989, 2006 and 2012 devastated the forests and meadows of the region, drastically changing the landscape for a long time to come. If these major fires were not enough, there were numerous smaller fires in intervening years. Pine Ridge District Ranger Tim Buskirk reported that 90% of the woodlands in forest service lands in western Nebraska have been lost.

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