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I Know What A Foot Is!!! I Know What A Foot Is!!!  by swm88er

How should we measure our mountains? Meters or feet? I have grown up in Colorado all my life and I’m partial to my American units, but even though I live in America, I’ve been using SI units ever since I’ve be in public school. Not long ago I was reading Gerry Roach’s Colorado’s Fourteeners guide book and found, in the appendix, a few paragraphs titled In Defense of Feet. As I read the article I found myself laughing in agreement.

Epiphanies and Revelations Epiphanies and Revelations  by Bob Sihler

Probably every SP member can relate to the trouble in explaining to non-mountain lovers why one keeps going back to the mountains, spending, some say wasting, all that time and money just to do something that carries no seemingly tangible value yet involves a considerable amount of risk. Well. Rather than explain what’s beautiful about the mountains--- the colors, the clouds, the wildlife and wildflowers, the inspiring forms, etc.--- which doesn’t really explain the yearning, the outright need, that many climbers and hikers feel in their souls, and rather than explain the fact that in the mountains I find my only complete peace, inspiration, and redemption, which just produces nods and sounds nice and poetic but still doesn’t help “unbelievers” understand why, sometimes I simply tell my story, the story of my awakening, and it is only then, as I relate my feelings from those days, that people at last begin to understand. They may never go out and try it themselves, and they may still think I should grow up and focus on truly important things, but it helps them to relate an experience to a feeling and that feeling to a deep and lasting change--- most people have undergone something of the sort somehow, somewhere, someway.

The fast
and easy way to make a table on SummitPost The fast and easy way to make a table on SummitPost  by Andino

I've recently started using tables in pages I've created. After looking at the FAQ about HTML I made my first table. This first table was small, therefore quick and easy to manage.
But then I thought if I make a bigger table, it would take a lot of time, and I might forget some "tr" or "td". So I created a frame I could use over and over, for a faster and easier way to make a table in an SP page.
Maybe some of you already operate like described below... but I thought it would be a good idea to share this with you.

7 Ways to
Post Panoramas to SP 7 Ways to Post Panoramas to SP  by Gangolf Haub

Half a year ago Lukas Kunze posted an article about creating panoramas, Panoramas? Here is how to do it!. After having received a number of comments and PMs about posting panoramas to SP I thought it might be a good idea to publish the whole information in an article. Some of the information of this article will be redundant with the one of Lukas but I think it makes sense to start from the beginning and discuss the prerequisites, at least shortly. Also I can’t pretend that I invented panorama posting on SP. This honour goes to brendon, who pioneered it about two years ago on one of the Site Feedback Forum Threads. Several others have taken it up and I’m probably the one who used it most.

A Strange
Paradox A Strange Paradox  by T Sharp

This has been a tragic season for many mountaineers, their loved ones, families, friends, and partners. From Mount Everest to the Mont Blanc Massif, to the High Sierra of California, the number of fatalities in 2006 has been staggering. The loss too, of so many Summit Post members this summer is probably a statistical anomaly, but none the less the toll it takes on our collective psyche can be substantial. Fellow member Luciano136 has built a very nice memorial page that can be found here: In memory of... It is a sobering experience to visit this page, and reflect on a season of climbing. Focusing on the people we climbed with {or hope to}, the mountains we have climbed {or hope to}, and thereby, gaining perspective to analyze the reasons we took {or did not take} the risks that we did. I personally have lost 3 climbing partners to tragic climbing accidents. I will try to recount the events that led to their deaths in a way that is objective, but not devoid of the feelings I have for them, or the emotions caused by their passing. Perhaps in this way my experience can lend insight to the burning question "Why do we climb?" or more succinctly, "Why do we continue to climb?"

Home Made Power Gels -
Energy for Less Home Made Power Gels - Energy for Less  by Travis_

I think we all recognize that power (energy) gels are a convenient way to get extra needed calories, easily and quickly, into our bodies during endurance activities. There are alternatives, but sometimes you just don't have the energy or the stomach to eat solid food (especially at 3:00 am). I am sure we have all forced down dry powder bars while hiking, trying to catch your breath between bites, trying to wash it down quickly with water, breathing heavily through your nose all the while. Power gels go down easier, are quick, do no take a lot of chewing and are easy on your stomach. But, they are not cheap. Also, a entire days supply of Power Gels results in a lot of garbage, sticky garbage, sometimes falling on the ground and littering. Why not make your own in a convenient squeeze tube?

Photo Hunt in the Uintas Detective Photo Hunt in the Uintas  by Dmitry Pruss

On September 8th, 2003, just over 3 years ago, two women from Georgia picked a Mirror Lake Rec Area pass from a highway booth. They never returned from their Western Uinta hike. Carole Wetherton and her daughter Kim Beverly have last been seen very close to Crystal Lake TH, heading in the direction of Long Lake. The search for the women didn't commence until they missed their flight home on Sep 13th. Their rental car was still at Crystal Lake Trailhead, parked next to Notch Mountain trail sign. The two women's remains have been eventually recovered 9 months later, miles North of the Long Lake trail, and the investigators suggested that the pair may have lost trail in the falling snow, choosing to cross a saddle to the North-West of Mt Watson (towards Holiday Park) instead of backtracking across a saddle to the South of Mt Watson

Body Fuel:
How to Eat for Performance Body Fuel: How to Eat for Performance  by Scott Dusek

As climbers we spend many hours planning our trip. The pre-trip packing is not simply a chore, it's a ritual. We cut weight anywhere possible, shave our racks down to bare essentials, and gear everything towards success without excess. Yet many of us pay more attention to the fuel that powers our stove than the fuel that powers our lives. Food and Hydration are key to the success of any physically strenuous activity. Physical performance is largely a function of the inputs your body has available to create energy. The type, amount, and timing of what you eat will all affect your body's ability to function well. By optimizing our intake we can optimize our chances of a success.

In Defense of Our Beloved
Hobby In Defense of Our Beloved Hobby  by avidwanderer

I have not read a great deal of mountaineering literature (I am only twenty-five), but I have read a decent amount for my age and experience. Continuously, I find that authors cave to the common stereotype that mountaineering/alpinism is inherently selfish. Many works claim that mountaineering is selfish because it serves to satisfy our egos, or our alpha male (or female) mentality. When a family person takes part in mountaineering he or she doesn’t take into account the feelings of their family and the responsibility of being a mother/father. In my experience, the opposite is true.

How a Storm Comes to Mt.
Blanc How a Storm Comes to Mt. Blanc  by signorellil

On Thursday 24 August, 2006, 21 climbers of various nationalities decided, despite a clear meteorological warning, and apparently against the advice of some guide, to attempt the climb of Mt. Blanc via the Gouter route. As predicted, after an unsettled morning, a big storm passed over the area in early afternoon, reducing visibility to nothing even at comparatively low altitudes, with violent winds and snowfall down to 2600m.

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