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Hohe Wand

Hohe Wand

Hohe Wand

Page Type: Area/Range

Location: Lower Austria, Austria, Europe

Lat/Lon: 47.81440°N / 16.00220°E

Object Title: Hohe Wand

Activities: Hiking, Trad Climbing, Sport Climbing, Toprope, Via Ferrata

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Elevation: 3714 ft / 1132 m


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Hohe Wand as part of the Gutensteiner Alpen are a part of the Northern Limestone Alps

The highest elevation at Hohe Wand is Plackles (1132m) - for climbers IMHO not interesting.

Hohe Wand offers hundreds of climbing routes (from easy to extreme) on its east side, but also some viae ferratae and easy hiking trails. Hohe Wand is therefore an important recreational area for the inhabitants of Vienna and Southern Lower Austria.

Also visitors from Hungary and Slovakia climb at Hohe Wand (I personally met a climbing party from Munich - they preferred the less crowded Lower Austria to the Lago di Garda area)

Hohe Wand Hohe Wand
Church - Maiersdorf (Hohe Wand) northern part of Hohe Wand and church in Maiersdorf

Between Maiersdorf and Stollhof starts a toll road, that leads to to plateau of Hohe Wand, to several huts, hotels, paragliding starting strips, wild animal parks etc.

Hohe Wand Panorama - (from near Gaaden)
far left Hohe Kanzel - toll road from near the graben (middle)
May 2005

Panorama Hohe Wand (from Maiersdorf) northern part of Hohe Wand from Maiersdorf

Important natural parks

Naturpark Hohe Wand
Alpine Ibex Alpine Ibex
Lime Kiln on Hohe Wand Plateau Lime Kiln
Alpine Chamois Alpine Chamois

Getting There

by public transport

The southern part of Hohe Wand (areas around Große Kanzel and Wildenauersteig can be reached from Grünbach am Schneeberg (or Unterhöflein) by train (Austrian Southern Railway change at Wiener Neustadt to Schneebergbahn).

There might be buses to reach the northern part of Hohe Wand (Sorry no further information)

by car

Form Vienna on the highway (Südautobahn - A1)

  • to Wöllersdorf (for the northern part) continue Markt Piesting turn left to Dreistetten, via Muthmanndorf to Stollhof
  • to Wiener Neustadt West (for the southern part) continue via Weikersdorf, Gerasdorf to Unterhöflein to Maiersdorf or Grünbach

Climbing - Climbing Sectors (South of the Toll Road)

see the link section for more information
important climbing sectors starting at the south end of Hohe Wand

Große Kanzel

Fredsteig, Wienersteig, Kanzelsteig, Naglplatten
Gr. Kanzel - Summit Cross Große Kanzel
Grosser Kanzel Große Kanzel
Große Kanzel - Fredsteig (Hohe Wand) Fredsteig - Gr. Kanzel
Kanzelsteig - Große Kanzel (Hohe Wand) Kanzelsteig
Climbing Fredsteig (Hohe Wand) Fredsteig - near Frednase
Fredsteig - Hohe Wand Fredsteig



(near Wildenauersteig)
Baumgartner Turm (Hohe Wand) Baumgartner Turm


Hochfallwand from Wildenauersteig (Hohe Wand) Hochfallwand
Climbing  Auf Wildenauers Spuren  - Hohe Wand Auf Wildenauers Spuren
Leitergrabengrat (Hohe Wand) Leitergrabengrat

Hamburgerpfeiler - Tirolergrat

Hamburgerpfeiler Hamburgerpfeiler
Tirolersteig (Hohe Wand) Tirolersteig
Schwarzgrabenkante - Hohe Wand Schwarzgrabenkante

MILAK Klettergarten


Puzzle für Fortgeschrittene Puzzle für Fortgeschrittene


Totenköpfl Totenköpfl


hohe wand / Austria Betty & Paul
hohe wand Hochempor Verschneidung
Duettsteig (Hohe Wand) Duettsteig (leads to Draschgrat)
Draschgrat - Hohe Wand Draschgrat


sorry no image


sorry no image

Climbing - Climbing Sectors (North of the Toll Road)


Teufelsgrat (Hohe Wand) Teufelsgrat
Kletterbrüderpfad Kletterbrüderpfad


sorry no image

Viae Ferratae

Viae Ferratae at Hohe Wand range from easy to very hard ones:
* Wagnersteig
* Völlerin
* Springlessteig
* Leiterlsteig -
* Naturfreundesteig - this via ferrata is on the west side of Hohe Wand
* Frauenluckensteig
* Steirerspur -
* Wildenauersteig - a very old classic via ferrata
* HTL Steig - Klettersteig
* Blutspur - Klettersteig - the most difficult (but very short) via ferrata at Hohe Wand
* Kleine Klause
* Gr. Klause

Steirerspur  - Via Ferrata Steirerspur
Steirerspur Steirerspur
Wildenauersteig Wildenauersteig
Wildenauersteig (via ferata) in winter Wildenauersteig in winter
Wildenauersteig - vertical cave (Hohe Wand) Wildenauersteig
HTL Via Ferrata - HTL Klettersteig HTL Steig - first part
HTL Via Ferrata - HTL Klettersteig HTL Steig
HTL steig HTL Steig (final part)
Währingersteig in Winter Währingersteig in Winter
Kleine Klause Kl. Klause


a lot of marked trails - caution: some are very exposed
Lime Kiln on Hohe Wand Plateau Lime Kiln
European Black Pine European Black Pine
Euphorbia (Wolfsmilch) at HTL Via Ferrata - HTL Klettersteig unkown flower
Meadow Meadow

Caves, Mountain Biking, Paragliding + Hang Gliding


near Hohe Wand around Dreistetten is Einhornhöhle (show cave) - discovered in 1927, opened in 1930

Mountain biking:

sorry no information

Paragliding + Hanggliding

Two starting strips near Gasthof Postl and one (new) starting strip near Gasthof Almfrieden
Paraglider at Hohe Wand Paraglider
hohe wand Paraglider at Hohe Wand

Red Tape

no red tape -
Hohe Wand road is a Toll Road on Saturday and Sunday.

Accommodation (B&Bs and huts)

Several huts and B&Bs on the Hohe Wand plateau (e.g. Hubertushaus, Gasthaus Postl etc.) and in nearby towns
Near the tollgate is a new campsite (open from April to October)

Wilhelm Eichert Hütte Wilhelm Eichert Hütte
Turmsteighütte (Hohe Wand) Turmsteighütte
Hubertushaus (Hohe Wand) Hubertushaus
Hubertushaus (Hohe Wand) Hubertushaus in winter
Herrgottschnitzerhaus Herrgottschnitzerhaus
Waldeggerhaus Waldeggerhaus

Books, Maps, External Links, Webcams

Guide Books


detailed map online: Austrian Map Online

Climbing, Viae Ferratae

www.bergsteigen.at offers a lot of climbing, viae ferratae information (only in German)


Other Links:

several B+Bs, huts

Paragliding starting strips at Hohe Wand -

Naturpark Hohe Wand

www.wieneralpen.at/leadersued/ covers the southern part of Lower Austria (Guternsteiner Alpen but also Rax-Schneeberg Area and Bucklige Welt) -


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