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Climbing Mt. Shasta
Gear Review

Climbing Mt. Shasta

Climbing Mt. Shasta

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Object Title: Climbing Mt. Shasta

Manufacturer: PhotograFix Publishing

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Created/Edited: Jun 29, 2007 / Jun 29, 2007

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Product Description

This book, written by Steve Lewis, gives you a little bit of insight on the History of Mount Shasta as well as step by step suggestions to prepare you for climbing this northern California massif. He essentially details out the Avalanche Gulch Route so that the reader/climber will be mentally prepared for what they are up against when climbing Mt. Shasta. In the back portion of the book he also lists the other routes that are used on Mount Shasta, although he does not go into detail on those.
He also lists many helpful things such as phone numbers and addresses for current conditions and gear rentals.


Paperback: 139 Pages
Author: Steve Lewis
Publisher: PhotograFix Publishing 4th printing 2005
Language: English
Cost: $15.15
ISBN#: 1-888740-05-1

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2skinnersSome helpful information

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I have read this a couple of times, although I have not personally been to the top of Mt. Shasta yet. He seems to detail out the Avalanche Gulch route pretty nicely as well as giving you a good idea of what to expect. I must add thought that the Mt. Shasta page on summitpost also does a great job of describing routes and the photos are a indispensible source of information.
Posted Jun 29, 2007 12:36 am

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