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Regional discussion and conditions reports for the Golden State. Please post partners requests and trip plans in the California Climbing Partners forum.

Telescope Peak Conditions over next couple weeks? (3/17) Telescope Peak Conditions over next couple weeks? (3/17)

Hola compadres, this is my first time posting on the SP forums although I have frequented the site for a couple of years. Hopefully I will become/remain more active in the community..

Anyway, does anyone know what conditions are like up on Telescope peak right now? I am planning on heading to Mammoth this coming weekend (3/20) and I'm hoping to bag a peak while heading home from some 60 degree slush-boarding. I've been reading ...
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Unnamed "peak" in Malibu Creek

I've noticed a feature in Malibu Canyon many times but have found no beta. Wondering if anyone familiar with Malibu Creek SP would know. From Malibu on Las Virgines Rd. you can't miss exposed cliff band along a steep ridge to your left. From inside the park it looks like a fairly lush green pyramid (not talking about the Goat Buttes by the way). I'd like to scramble this along the ridge but am wondering ...
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CA Ice Conditions 2015

Has anyone been up Lee Vining Canyon recently? Is the ice in shape? Is there significant snow on the approach or is it miserable talus?
Read more : CA Ice Conditions 2015 | Views : 336 | Replies : 1

Sierra examples of european commitment grades?

I'm looking to head to climb in europe for the first time this summer (to chamonix), and have been curious about some of the route ratings: leading at HVS or HS, (Hard Very Severe, Very Severe), etc.
I realize these european ratings are similar to the commitment grade for YDS (grade III, IV, etc); how do these compare?

Could someone give examples of climbs in the sierra that correspond to leading at VS or HVS? ...
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easy/short approach sierra snow climbs

i am looking for some suggestions for easy-to-moderate snow climbs with shortish approaches, along the lines of bloody couloir. east or west side of the sierra does not matter, as long as it's a fun route. i am more interested in a short approach since my work schedule sometimes impacts the length of time i can be out, and i'd rather spend it climbing than hiking. i'm comfortable up to probably 45 degrees or so. ...
Read more : easy/short approach sierra snow climbs | Views : 339 | Replies : 1

Polemonium from U-Notch

We're climbing in the Palisades in July and will be doing Polemonium from the U-Notch and west side. Porcella and Burns (Climbing California's Fourteeners) say that you can summit Polemonium from the top of the U- Notch, or "Alternatively, you may be able to hike 100-300 feet west from the top of U-Notch and look for weaknesses in the northwest-facing rock. Summitting is possible this way, and potentially easier, but the route finding is more ...
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Mt Whitney Current Conditions

We summited via Main Trail on 15 of Feb. The weather and snow conditions were just perfect. We were the only team which reached the summit that day and (perhaps) first after the storms. I met other party who summited via MR.

Snow basically starts just before Outpost Camp. Snow in the gully below Trail Crest is "easy" to climb (many footsteps) and to glissade, and the snow path on the ridge has solid footsteps ...
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Ansel Adams Wilderness - Beasore Rd

Hi all,

Thinking ahead to summer I'm considering a loop off of Beasore Rd. I seem to recall a fire in the A.A. Wilderness this last season. Were the TH's off Beasore Rd like Norris, Fernandez, or Granite Ck damaged by fire? Thanks for any info.
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Search for Elderly Climber on Tahquitz

I'm trying to track down an older man (mid to late 70s I believe) that I saw last summer topping out on the Trough on Tahquitz. Awesome looking bearded fellow with classic old helmet. I feel like anyone that has seen him or knows him will know who I'm talking about. I am trying to get in touch with him, any help would be massively appreciated!!
Read more : Search for Elderly Climber on Tahquitz | Views : 348 | Replies : 0


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