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The North Plateau & East Dome

The North Plateau & East Dome

The North Plateau & East Dome

Page Type: Mountain/Rock

Location: Jordan, Asia

Lat/Lon: 29.57844°N / 35.40758°E

Object Title: The North Plateau & East Dome

Activities: Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Sport Climbing, Toprope, Bouldering, Aid Climbing, Big Wall, Scrambling

Season: Spring, Fall, Winter

Elevation: 5118 ft / 1560 m


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The North Plateau belongs to a Jebel Rum Massif which is drained by Great Siq from west to east and this huge crack forms south limits of the plateau. With a amazing couloir of Al Thalamiyyah at the north it drops to Wadi S'Bach, an in the east it is hidden from Wadi Rum by the 500 meter walls. The plateau is both wild and high altitude desert area - there are natural reserve for the rare ibex. There are many domes and small unnamed summits rising from the plateau but by Hidden Siq and Lost Valley conditionally it can be divided on three parts: East Dome, North East Domes and Black Tower.

East Dome is situated on east extremity of The North Plateau and hangs over village by the 500 metre wall. Though the top may be easily reached from the West with the help of bedouin routes like Al Thalamiyyah, in rock-climbers causes a particular interest its East Face. So, East Dome is rich on routes of any category of complexity many of which become a real classic. North East Domes is multidomed area between Hidden Siq and Lost Valley. There are numerous routes in its south east and east 300 meter faces. Steep smooth Black Tower and Lost Valley adds some bedouin and trad routes giving access to the plateau from the north-east side.

In an addition behind the East wall of the N.E. Domes there are 100 meter Abu Malieh Tower with comfortable and obvious 4th pitches Salim at his North Face and short toprope routes at South Face.

The North Plateau
The North Plateau

Camping and appoach

The North Plateau top view
top view(routes)

Most of the routes are visible from the village, so the best choice for camping is at Rest House. At campsite there are tents, showers, toilets and a big Bedouin tent for both rest and cooking. The fee per night is 3JD(~4$). Of course, it is possible to sleep at the desert nearby the wall.

Approach from the Rest House to the N.Pateau walls is very simple - to cross the sandy desert. To the most remote routes at the Wadi S'Bach it will take 40 minutes, the East Face routes are reachable by 15 minutes walk.


East Dome routes
EF routes

East Dome

South Face:
Eye of Allah - ADSup (bedouin) 5h 400m M.Shaw,A.Howard,A.Baker,D.Taylor 9th October 1984

East Face:
Aquarius - TDSup 9h 450m W.Colonna,A.Howard 5th May 1986
Atalla - ED 12h 450m C.&Y.Remy 15th May 1986
The Red Sea - ED 2days 450m M.A.&J.Gallego 26-29th April 1987
Raid Mit the Camel - EDSup 2days 450m C.Obrist,H.Cristoph 14-20th February 1995
Inshallah Factor - EDInf 10h 450m W.Colonna,M.Shaw,A.Howard 27 April 1986
Revienta o Burila - ED 12h 300m A.D.Asaho,M.A.Hernandes,J.M.Jimeno March 1992
Towering Inferno - EDInf 10h 300m W.Colonna,A.Howard 10-13th October 1986
I.B.M - TD 6h 400m C.&Y.Remy 6th May 1986

North East Domes

East Face:
Ramedame - TDSup 7h 300m C.&Y.Remy 9th May 1986
King Hussein - TDSup 8h 300m C.&Y.Remy 5th May 1986
Khadra - EDSup day 300m C.Moulin,P.Depras 10th April 1995
Renee Van Hasselt - TDInf 9h 300m C.&Y.Remy 17th May 1986

South East Face:
Expect No Mersy - TD 7h 300m C.&Y.Remy 2nd November 1986
Grey Poupon - DSup 5h 300m C.&Y.Remy 7th November 1986

Black Tower

Lost Valley:
Sauron - TD 7h 350m D.Teylor,A.Howard,B.Vinton,W.Colonna 26th October 1991

North East Face:
Mira Khoury - DSup 5h 300m C.&Y.Remy 14th May 1986
Black Magic - DSup 5h 300m D.Teylor,A.Howard,W.Colonna,M.Shaw,A.Baker 17th October 1985
Spiel Fur Heisse Tage - ED 5h 200m S.Brochmayer,A.Precht 14th April 1994

North Face:
Al Thalamiyyah - ADSup (bedouin) 10h 500m D.Teylor,A.Howard,M.Shaw,A.Baker 23 October 1984
Capitan Morgan - TDInf 7h 300m W.Colonna,A.Howard 1st May 1986
Ibex Ramp - AD 4h 250m G.Stari,F.Kroll 15th Marth 1993

Short Routes

East Dome(East Face)

East Dome short routes
short routes

Great Siq Route 5-/5+/5-/6a D.Teylor,A.Howard 24th April 1988
Mumkin 5+/5/5+/5 C.&Y.Remy 6th May 1986 (first 4 pitches of I.B.M)
Flight of Fancy 5+/6a/6b/5+/5+ R.Edwards,B.Arkless 23rd October 1986
Mad Frogs & Englishman 5-/5-/6b W.Colonna,A.Howard, B.Domenech 11th April 1987
Inferno 5+/6b/5/6a D.Teylor,A.Howard,W.Colonna 10th October 1986 (first 4 pitches of Towering Inferno)
Walk Like an Egyptian 4+/5/5 W.Colonna,G.Claye 23rd October 1986
The Mummy 6b A.D.Asaho,M.A.Hernandes,J.M.Jimeno March 1992
Troubador 5/6a+ W.Colonna,A.Howard 4th October 1986
Wall of Lace 3/3/5 W.Colonna,A.Howard,D.Teylor 13th April 1987
Live and Let Die 3/4/5+/4/6a J.Dawson,I.Henderson 30 Marth 1992
Goldfinger 3/4/5+/5 W.Colonna,G.Claye 23rd October 1986
Inshallah 6b/4/4+/6a M.Shaw,A.Howard November 1985 (first 4 pitches of Inshallah Factor)
Arthur's Hammer 5/6c+/6b+/6b/6c A.Donson,C.Mallen 19-21st May 1992
Ziggurat 6a/7a/7a/5+ R.Edwards,B.Arkless 26rd October 1986
Mano Negra 7a+/6b/6a/6b W.Colonna,E.Lancon May 1992
Raibow Warrior 6a/6b/5+/6a W.Colonna,A.Howard 7th May 1986 (first 4 pitches of Aquarius)

Abu Maileh Tower

Salim 3+/5+/5-/5 C.&Y.Remy with Salim Muhammed Mosa 16th May 1986

South Face(Ziegenstall) - short toprope routes 15 minutes from the Rest House:

1 Rammler 7b
2 Pfefferminztraum 6c/7a
3 Meck Meck 6b
4 Ziegenstall 6b+
4a Ziegenstall direct 6c
4b Ziegenstall easy go 6a+
5 Kamelkopf (Camel's Head) West face of the little tower 5

The little tower Camel's Head can be clearly distinguished when looking from the campground of the Rest House. The belays of the routes can be easily reached by scrambling up the right corner to gain the ledge 15 m above. Information was taken here.


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