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Location Lat/Lon: 47.06907°N / 10.97440°E
Seasons Season: Summer
Additional Information Elevation: 4544 ft / 1385 m





Mountain Range
Stubaier Alps

Starting point(s)
Längenfeld (Ötztal) 1177m/
Gries im Sulztal 1569m

Mountain Peaks

Brand Alm 1385m
Jausenstation Unterlehnerhof (only with Gries as starting point)
(at both huts are no options to stay for the night!!!)

Depends on the chosen route (varies from 1km to +/-4km)

Depends on the chosen route (varies from 3/4h to 1 3/4 h)

Depends on the chosen route, from Längenfeld it's a climb/walk and from Gries it is a mostly descending walk

Brand Alm

Owner: Siegfried Jordan 05253 20120

The Brand alm is a beautifull hut/farm that lies on one of the rocky slopes op the Gamskogel. It's fields are visible from far away and the view it offers is really magnificent. A great place to enjoy traditional Tiroler food and fresh milk. Can be done by daytour people as well by more experienced hikers who can go to the Gamskogel (2813m) or just try it as a first day walk.

Getting there

Längenfeld and Huben both lie in the Ötztal valley in Tirol, Austria. The Ötztal valley is easily accesible from the Inntal highway (Bregenz-Innsbrück). Gries im Sulztal is a small village that lies in a side valley of the Ötztal valley near Längenfeld and can be reached by car or public transport (ask at the tourist information center for the current timetables). Multiple parking options in the villages.


1. From Längenfeld (behind the Church, steep old path)
2. From Längenfeld (over the road (not open to other people than the owners))
3. From Längenfeld (over a small road (not open to traffic))
4. From Längenfeld/Huben (over Burgstein to the Brand alm)
5. From Gries (Over the Nederweg through the Nederwald (forest))

1. In Längenfeld search for the Church, behind the church you'll find a small entrance to a steep path (there is a small sign that says Brand Alm). From this point keep following the path through the forest in a SE direction (don't get confused by multiple options to go, just try to keep the SE direction as good as possible)
You'll have to cross the main road (see 2.) to Brand multiple times and it can be a little bit hard to find the spot where the path continues. After crossing the road for the third time, you'll have to go in a more Southern direction until you'll reach the grassfields of the Brand Alm. Walk over the fields of the Brand alm (it is partly a farm) to the hut.

Total time: 20 to 40 minutes
Distance: 1km

2. Take in Längenfeld the road next to the Fischbach (small river that seperates Unter- and Ober- Längenfeld from eachother). Just keep following the in the beginning quite steep road, in many turn up to the Brand Alm.

Total time: 45 minutes
Distance: about 2 km

3. In Ober Längenfeld go the M-Preis supermarket (located at the Southern end of the village). Here go to the Eastern mountain side behind the minigolf. Here you'll find a small field with (most of the time) several cows. On the mountain wall behind them the road is already visible and it starts behind a house with a big avalanche protection wall. Follow the relatively easy road up, through a tunnel until you have reached sign 18 that shows the road up to the Brandalm. Take this road steep up over a small path until the path joins another path. At this point stands a small bench, so take your time to recover your breath (well no, it isn't that difficult to reach). Follow the sign in NE direction of the small path until you'll reach a fence that marks the beginning of the fields of the Brand Alm.

Total Time: 1h
Distance: about 1.5 km

4. The path starts behind the Woodcutterscamp at the other side of the road near the village of Huben (1189m). Here goes a small path up to the mainroad that leads to the village of Burgstein (the eyecatching rockformation that is visible from Längenfeld). There are multiple shortcuts that make sure you don't have to walk on the road. After reaching Burgstein (1424m) take the path at the other end of the village near the upper forest edge. The small path is secured with handholds and cabels at some more difficult parts (although it takes no special experience to take this route, it's a walking trial not a climbing trail)
The path goes slightly downwards until you reach the point with the little bench were the two paths (see 3.) meet each other. Follow the sign in NE direction of the small path until you'll reach a fence that marks the beginning of the fields of the Brand Alm.

Total Time: 1.5 tot 2 h
Distance: about 3.5 km

5. From Gries im Sulztal. At the Southern forest edge goes a relitively broad way to Längenfeld. This road is also called the Nederweg. Follow the road in W direction next to the Fischbach until you reach the Unterlehnerhof. It is possible to take a refreshment pauze at this small hut next to the main road to Gries, you'll only have to cross the Fischbach with a bridge. Keep following the Nederweg until at the end of the Söhlrinne a sign marks to Brand. Take the stairs up to the path and follow it slightly descending until you reach the Brand Alm.

Total Time: 1.5 h
Distance: 3.5 km

Climbing the "Hausberg"

Gamskogel 2813m 5 hours
From Brand one can climb Längenfeld's most prominent mountain, the Gamskogel (2813m). It is the 'Hausberg' of the village and a beautiful place for a panoramic picture.

The Gamskogel can be traversed easily be descending on the north-eastern slope of the mountain to the Nisslalm (2051m) and further to the village Gries im Sulztal (1569m). The ascends from Gries or Längenfeld (Brand) do not differ much in time, (both approximately 5 hours) although there is a height difference. The descend will take about 3 hours. From the village of Gries one can take the bus back to Längenfeld or walk back on an easy path to Längenfeld in about 1 h 15m.



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