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The Müllerhütte is located at the centre of the Stubaier Hauptkamm. A superb location to climb most of the highest peaks (Zückerhütl, Sonklarspitz,...) in the Stubaier Alps.

The Müllerhütte is one of very few Austrian/Italian huts that's not accessible without some actual climbing or the crossing of glaciers. Without basic alpine gear (rope, crampons,...) this hut cannot be reached (safely).

This rather isolated location makes it a relatively quiet hut, where most of the time only mountaineers are staying. Unlike it's closeby neighbour, the Becherhaus, almost no hikers will be seen here.

Although the hut is located in Italy, German is the main language (due to the fact it's located in the Autonomous Italian regio of South Tyrol).

Ice climbing near the MüllerhütteIce climbing just outside the Müllerhütte

How to get there

There are four accesroutes to the Müllerhütte, each with several alternative routes. From the Stubaital, Ridnauntal, Passeiertal and Ötztal.

1. From the Stubaital.

A. Dresdnerhütte-Wilder Pfaff- Müllerhütte: From the Dresdnerhütte (2302m) one can either hike/climb or take the lift towards the Schaufeljoch (3155m)(The Dresdnerhütte is located in the middle of the Stubaigletscher ski-area, also open in summur). From the Schaufeljoch one goes towards the Pfaffenjoch (3212m), after which you pass the Zückerhütl (3505m)(when there's enough time you can grab the Zückerhütl on the way). Then you go to the Pfaffensattl (3332m), ascent and afterwards descent the Wilder Pfaff (3458m)(Pfaffengrat, II grade rockclimbing). The Müllerhütte lies at the end of the Pfaffengrat.
Ca. 6h from the Dresdnerhütte.

B. Dresdnerhütte-Beiljoch-Müllerhütte. From the Dresnderhütte a hiking trail leads towards the Beiljoch (2676m). Descent the Beiljoch on to the Sulzenauferner (glacier), crossing the low end of the glacier/morene, after which this route joins the route from the Sulzenauhütte.

C. Sulzenauhütte (2191m)-Müllerhütte: from the Sulzenauhütte one has to follow a marked hiking path (Lübeckerweg) untill reaching the Fernerstube (glacier). Around 2750m-2800m one can step onto the glacier, keeping to the left on the glacier. Straight up till about 3000m, after which one follows the glacier bending to the left.after this bend once again straight forwards, till one reaches the ridge (3144m) leading to the col just beneath the Wilder Freiger (3418m). Follow this rigde till you reach the col beneath the Wilder Freiger (when the weather is good it's not a huge detour to climb the Wilder Freiger). From the col, step on the glacier (Übeltalferner), keeping close to the ridge untill you reach the Müllerhütte.
Ca. 5-6h from the Sulzenauhütte.
(This route can also be done from the Grawa Alm (1590m). This extra bit takes about 2h.)

On the way to the MüllerhütteFernerstube (Sulzenauhütte-Müllerhütte)

D. Nürnbergerhütte (2280m)-Müllerhütte: from the Nürnbergerhütte towards the Signalgipfel (3392m) (when possible one can climb the Wilder Freiger as well (20min. from the Signalgipfel). From the Signalgipfel over the glacier (Übeltalferner) towards the Müllerhütte.
Ca. 7-8h from the Nürnbergerhütte.
(This route can also be done from Ranalt (1400m). Ca. 9-10h from Ranalt. More a 2day trip.)

2. From the Ridnautal.
Grohmannhütte (2249m) or Teplizerhütte (2586m)-Müllerhütte: from the Grohmannhütte ca. 1/2h to the Teplizerhütte. From the Teplizerhütte a marked trail leads to the Becherhaus (3195m). However, it's not necessary to climb to the Becherhaus itself. One can walk underneath the Becherhaus, comming onto the glacier (Übeltalferner) at around 3000m. From there one can walk in a more or less straight line to the Müllerhütte.
Ca. 4-5h from the Teplizerhütte.

3. Passeiertal.
Schönau (1759m)-Schwarzwandscharte (3059m)-Müllerhütte. Marked path from Schönau to the Schwarzwandscharte. Climbing the Schwarzwandscharte on to the glacier (Übeltalferner). Crossing the glacier in a fairly straight line (passing the Sonklarspitz) towards the Müllerhütte.
Ca. 4-5h from schönau.

4. Ötztal.

A. Siegerlandhütte (2710m)-Hohes Eis (3388m)-Sonklarspitz (3467m)-Müllerhütte: from the Siegerlandhütte climb Hohes Eis and (only a bit further) Sonklarspitz. Descending from the Sonklarspitz over the East ridge (II), onto the Übeltalferner to the Müllerhütte.
Ca. 4-5h from the Siegerlandhütte.
(Can be done from Gasthof Fiegl (1959m). Ca. 3-4h more. Some do this whole trip in one day, most people take 2 days.)

B. Hildesheimerhütte (2900m)-Pfaffenjoch-Wilder Pfaff-Müllerhütte: from the Hildesheimerhütte one can follow a marked path untill the foot of the Pfaffenferner (glacier). Then one has to cross the glacier untill one reaches the Pfaffenjoch. From the Pfaffenjoch one follows the same route as from the Dresdnerhütte.
Ca. 4h from the Hildesheimerhütte.
(Can be done from Gasthof Fiegl (1959m). Ca. 3-4h more. Some do this whole trip in one day, most people take 2 days.)

Information about the hut

Open from 23. June - Mid-September 2012

Prices (2012):

13,00 € (member Alpine Club)

26,00 € (non-member)


18,00 € (member)

34,00 € (non-member)


7,00 €

Bergsteigeressen (dinner)

13,00 €

Half Pension (members)

38,00 € (Lager)

42,00 € (Room)

Half Pension (non members)

48,00 € (Lager)

52,00 € (Room)


e-mail: info@muellerhuette.eu (in the hut there's no internet, so this e-mail is only usable outside the summerseason)

Hüttentelefon : 0039 0472 647373
Lukas (mobile phone) : 0039 329 2346943
Heidi (mobile phone) : 0043 699 18678965

(Winter-room: 6 places)

Info on: Müllerhütte

Possible climbs and routes

Ice climbing near the MüllerhütteIce climbing near the Müllerhütte

-Sonklarspitz (3467m)
-Wilder Pfaff (3458m)
-Zuckerhütl (3505m)
-Botzer (3250m)
-Hochwänd (3192m)
-Hohes Eis (3388m)
-Schwarzwandspitz (3358m)
-Wilder Freiger (3418m)

Possibility of ice climbing near the hut on the glacier.

Several possibilities for trekkings towards several huts in the vicinity (see accesroutes above).

Every year in August there's a special ice climbing competition at the Müllerhütte. Special because it takes place within a huge crevasse. For more information: Ice Parade Müllerhütte


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