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*** = Suggested Routes

Based on my broad experience, the Canadian Rockies offer the finest collection of “true” alpine climbs in the world. As a result, one will also find an endless supply of “scramble” routes offered to various summits in and around the more extensive alpine climbing environs of glaciers, icefields and rock. Scrambles afford full time climbers like myself the opportunity to experience the explosive Canadian Rocky wilderness without always being “on the job”. I have utilized scramble objectives to fill in the rock and ice shoulder seasons. Attempting scrambles in inclement weather or conditions can at times replicate alpine climbing technique and conditions.

Several books have been published showcasing several hundred scrambles from Waterton National Park on the US border to Jasper National Park to the north. This entire section of the Rockies straddles the continental divide which also serves as the border between British Columbia and Alberta. The most popular of these guide books is Alan Kane’s “Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies”, serving as a lifelong tic list for the most avid scrambler.

Listing routes with no first hand experience available is not what this page is about. Rather the listing involves “first hand accounts only” by scramblers in the Canadian Rockies. The scrambles will be listed via their respective “areas” (i.e. Skoki). The areas will be listed in descending order of East to West. The order within the specific area will be maintained alphabetically. I can assure you that this listing only scratches the surface of what is available come April through October up and down the central Canadian Rockies. I personally attempt to climb 20 scrambles per summer and fall and still have plenty more to experience.

Elbow River/Front Range

Traversing the Crux (look for...

Banded Peak***

Mount Bogart***

Mount Cornwall***

Cougar Mountain***

Mount Fullerton***

Gap Mountain

Mount Glasgow***

Grizzly Peak

Mount Hood

Mount Kidd

Mount Lawson

Nihahi Ridge

Opal Ridge***

Outlaw Peak***

Mount Remus

Mount Romulus

Tombstone Mountain***

The Wedge

Canmore/Bow Valley

The Natural Framing of Sir...

Mount Baldy

Mount Fable***

Gap Peak***

Grotto Mountain

Ha Ling

Heart Mountain

Mount Lady MacDonald

Mount Lawrence Grassi

Rimwall Summit

EEOR (East end of Mount Rundle)

Big Sister***

Middle Sister

Squaws Tit***

Mount Yamnuska

Smith Dorrien/Kananaskis Lakes

The north cornice on the...

Mount Buller

Mount Burstall

Mount Chester

Commonwealth Peak

Mount Engadine***

The Fist***

The Fortress***

Mount Galatea

Gusty Peak

Mount Indefatigable***

Mount Murray

Mount Nestor

Mount Shark***

Mount Smuts***

Mount Sparrowhawk

The Tower

Mount Warspite***

Highwood Pass

Mount Tyrwhitt

Mount Arethusa

Mist Mountain

Mount Pocaterra***

Mount Rae

Mount Storelk***

Storm Mountain

Mount Tyrwhitt***

Crowsnest Pass

Mountain Goats

Allison Peak

Crowsnest Mountain***

Turtle Mountain***

Ward Mountain

Window Mountain***

Waterton National Park

Mount Hawkins

Bertha Peak

Mount Blakiston***

Buchanan Peak***

Mount Carthew***

Mount Galwey***

Mount Mount Hawkins***

Mount Lineham***

Banff (Banff National Park)

Helena Ridge

Mount Aylmer

Mount Bourgeau***

Mount Brett

Cascade Mountain***

Castle Mountain***

Copper Mountain

Mount Cory

Mount Edith***

Helena Ridge

Mount Inglismaldie

Isabelle Peak***

Mount Norquay***

Pilot Mountain

Storm Mountain

Stuart Knob***

Television Peak***

Vermilion Peak

Mount Whymper

Lake Louise (Banff National Park)

A Traverse on Rocky Ledges...

Tower of Babel

Mount Bell***

Eiffel Peak***

Mount Fairview

Mount Niblock***

Panorama Ridge***

Mount Piran

Sheol Mountain

Mount Temple

Mount Whyte***

Skoki (Banff National Park)

Entry into the 2nd series of...

Fossil Mountain

Pika Peak

Redoubt Mountain***

Mount Richardson

Yoho National Park

 The President and Vice...

Mount Bosworth

Mount Burgess***

Mount Carnarvon***

Mount Kerr

Mount Kiwetinok***

Mount Pollinger

Isolated Peak

Narao Peak***

Mount Niles

Paget Peak

Mount Stephen***

Wapta Mountain***

Icefields Parkway (Banff and Jasper National Parks)

Climbing the precarious snow...

Mount Andromache

Cirque Peak

Dolomite Peaks***

Mount K2

Nigel Peak***

Observation Peak

Mount Owen

Tangle Ridge

Mount Weed

Jasper National Park

Black Bear on Vermillion...

Cinquefoil Mountain***

Hawk Mountain

Indian Ridge***

Three Blind Mice***

Utopia Mountain***