CURT ... VIII Dessous Loch

CURT ... VIII Dessous Loch "Dancing with the Stars" 1996

CURT ... VIII Lochs Try Positioning the Cross on Gianni Junod Point (3300m) or Central Roise, failed for hard and violent snowstorm. "In the morning, after a big drink of Los Two Bastardos GENEPY that were fed to me, a beautiful ballad (-3°) and then you go to Hill (3008m) & to Summit Becca of Salé (3187m) ... with the Cross". October 04/05th, 1996 In foreground: the Peckoz Pass (3042m) & Becca of Seneva (3081m). Picture by Camillo Roberto Ferronato
on Aug 2, 2013 7:51 am
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