Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch was caught by our cameras on a glorious Utah evening in 2002 after a series of storms passed through the Moab area. The tourists were not dressed for this festive spring occasion and left when it got cold and windy and started to spit some rain. We on the other hand were prepared and had planned for the event, and remained in warm clothes, braving the winds, only to get this amazing picture. Ellen's camera took this one. A similar version from mine hangs in our house. We had the place to ourselves, too. This was one of those amazing moments in your life you never forget. Scan of 35mm slide photo by Ellen Ritt
Aaron Johnson
on Jun 9, 2006 12:30 am
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Corax - Jun 9, 2006 12:51 am - Voted 10/10

I have seen a lot

of photos from the area, but this one is outstanding!

Martin Cash

Martin Cash - Jun 9, 2006 12:56 am - Voted 10/10

Nicely done

Dramatic shot


MountaingirlBC - Jun 9, 2006 1:15 am - Voted 10/10


makes me want to climb it... just kidding ;)

Mountain Jim

Mountain Jim - Jun 9, 2006 1:17 am - Voted 10/10

Nice shot !!!

I agree about too many pictures of Delicate. Feel free to remove mine if you want.
Glad I wasn't climbing in the LaSals when you took this one.

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson - Jun 9, 2006 3:21 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Nice shot !!!

Jim-Yeah, it looked nasty in the La Sals that night, but the weather was done soon and the stars were out.


butitsadryheat - Jun 9, 2006 2:51 am - Voted 10/10

nice photo

where did all the light come from? Is that all sunlight from the set, or was there also lightning from within?

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson - Jun 9, 2006 3:20 am - Hasn't voted

Re: nice photo

All light was supplied by the sun, the cloud was considerably south and the sun was almost down.


Nelson - Jun 9, 2006 3:57 am - Voted 10/10

Most impressive

One the the most impressive shots of Delicate Arch I have ever seen. I know and love moments like this, and you have captured it wonderfully.


rpc - Jun 9, 2006 4:58 pm - Voted 10/10

Wow, wow, wow!!

You weren't kidding Aaron - you got some kick ass photos!!

2skinners - Jun 10, 2006 12:12 am - Voted 10/10


I smell photo of the week here!! I have seen a lot of pictures of the Arch but none as unique as this one. Nice work.


mrwsierra - Jun 10, 2006 2:51 am - Voted 10/10


some good press for Delicate Arch.


Saintgrizzly - Jun 10, 2006 4:09 am - Voted 10/10

Yeah, what everyone else is saying...

Wow, Aaron, GREAT shot!!!!

Sebastian Hamm

Sebastian Hamm - Jun 10, 2006 9:40 am - Voted 10/10

Impessive moment

Good job!



ColoradoScott - Jun 10, 2006 10:17 pm - Hasn't voted

Great Shot!

So that's what the arch looked like before Potter's rope marks!!!! LMAO


markmay - Jun 21, 2006 11:02 pm - Voted 10/10


Makes me really miss the desert.


turistoalpinista - Sep 29, 2006 11:13 pm - Voted 10/10


Like from another world!Great lightning!
You can attach this photo into the album "views to keep in mind from 2006".


ktimm - Nov 2, 2006 3:04 am - Hasn't voted


Nice ..

Erik Beeler

Erik Beeler - Dec 5, 2006 5:34 pm - Voted 10/10


You have some great arch shots but this one is a classic.

Great shot.

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson - Dec 5, 2006 10:52 pm - Hasn't voted




hiltrud.liu - Dec 12, 2006 5:01 pm - Voted 10/10

A magic effect ...

very nice picture!

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