Encircling Za Kopico Valley

Encircling Za Kopico Valley

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 46.34314°N / 13.79368°E
Route Type: Mountaineering, Scrambling
Season: Summer, Fall
Time Required: Most of a day
Difficulty: Walk-up

Rating the Tour (By Hiking Standards)

0. General. A round tour from 1150m to 2327m, but over 7 summits (without Velika Ticarica). Mostly by marked paths, over the Vogli ridge there's no path nor marks. Easy scramble. The ascent on Velika Ticarica is on one or two places UIAA II. Gear: Good shoes, sticks.
1. Effort. Cca 1650m, 10 hours.
2. Power. 1 - no difficulties, only walk-up.
3. Psyche. 2 - easy.
4. Orientation. 2 - easy.


You start this tour either on the parking place at the end of the Suha valley road, cca 1150m, or, if you sleep there, at the hut on Planina Jezero, 1453m (less than 1h till there).

Route Description

A self-made map of the area around Za Kopico

From Planina Jezero you start hiking by a well marked path towards NW. It ascends gently through a shallow valley, called by locals 'Lorch' (=Tube). All around is an interesting karst landscape, a part of the big undulating plateau, still covered with almost untouched forrests. So, after some 30 minutes you reach out on Planina Dedno Polje (pasture), 1560m. Here's an important crossroads.

On the pasture just continue on the NW direction. So you enter into Za Kopico valley. The first step of the valley is steeper than later on, so the path brings you in turns over it. Passing Kovaciceva glava, 1827m you reach a basin, stretching between Mala Ticarica, Velika Ticarica, Kreda, Slatna and Prvi Vogel. Continue a few more minutes and then deter from the marked path in the northern direction (right).

The ascent on Prvi Vogel, 2181m is not marked, but its slopes are not hard to climb. First follow the ravine between Slatna and Prvi Vogel, later go more towards left to ascend directly to the summit. It goes everywhere. The higher you get, the broader is the view, especially towards W, S and E.

From Prvi (First) Vogel the first most beautiful part of the tour starts. A broad, rounded crest leads you towards north. Without any difficulties you reach the Srednji (Middle) Vogel, 2227m and Zadnji (Last) Vogel, 2327m. This is the highest point of this tour.

Descending down towards NW to Vrata pass, 2192m, requires choosing the best passages. Slopes can become steep if you don't find them, but when the visibility is good you should have no problems. On Vrata pass you hit again the marked path (coming up by the valley Za Kopico), but you only cross it, using the marked path to the top of Velika Zelnarica, 2320m. Now you reached the point with today's greatest panorama!

On the summit of Velika Zelnarica (the northern one) you should find marks of the tiny path, going by the main ridge above the Valley of Triglav Lakes on the summit of Mala Zelnarica 2310m, and furher southwards towards the summit of Kopica, 2190m. From this path you will allways enjoy a nice panorama.

From Kopica, you can not continue by the main ridge (15 minutes later you will see why). Return by the shoulder towards N and descend down to the marked path and follow it. You soon reach the main ridge south of Kopica, seeing its vertical walls there. Now the marked path goes southwards by the main ridge or little below it (on the E side) to the next distinctive mountain in the crest - Velika (Big) Ticarica, 2091m. This summit can not be reached only by walking up, but also climbing is not hard. A short eastern slope offers one or two difficulties in the range of UIAA II.

Different is its lower neighbour - Mala (Small) Ticarica, 2071m. Being a home-mountain of the Koca pri Triglavskih jezerih (hut), it is often and easily ascended. Our path crosses its E slopes, then we turn right and reach the panoramic summit.

After reaching 8 summits, the shortest way to return is towards south, first on Ovcarija alpine meadow, 1660m (in the middle of the descent don't go right into the Valley of Triglav Lakes) and from there towards E on Dedno polje. The circle around Za Kopico valley is closed!

Miscellaneous Info

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