Vogli (Zadnji Vogel)

Vogli (Zadnji Vogel)

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 46.34024°N / 13.79771°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Scrambling, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 7635 ft / 2327 m
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The ascent on Prvi Vogel
The scenery on the ascent on Prvi Vogel

There is really nothing much attractive on the ridge of Vogli. These are mountains for solitude lovers, for those who like to hike over remote areas, where no big scenery occurs, only the close nature is as wonderful as it can only be - rugged karst rocks and patches of greenery and flowers among them.

Vogel means corner in Slovenian language and is a very common name for mountains. So, the ridge of Vogli is also named Vogli nad planino V Lazu, by the nice alpine meadow south-east of them. They are a part of the geographically complicated mountain world above the plateau of upper Bohinj meadows, representing one of several ridges, which in a swirl-like fashion descend from the north towards the south. The ridge delimits a distinct valley Za Kopico on its eastern side. More towards the east is the high part of the already mentioned high karst plateau, in summer very hardly passable due to its rugged nature and hard orientation. The eastern side of Vogli ridge is steeper, there are a few rugged walls fallig down towards the plateau, ending in valley-like forms which lower down to V Lazu meadow. NE of Zadnji and Srednji Vogel, there is a deep basin, called Globoka konta, which separates Vogli ridge from Vršaki and the rest of the high plateau.

Even if there are more bumps in the ridge, three summits of Vogli are named: The southernmost one is Prvi Vogel (First Vogel), 2181 m. Seen from the south, from Dedno polje meadow for example, it is quite distinctive and is also a nice goal of a short hike over a pathless terrain. From Prvi Vogel towards the north, the ridge has a form of a small plateau. A few more bumps are rising out of it, but if we cross the whole ridge towards the north, we usualy detour them. Much further towards the north there is Srednji Vogel (Middle), 2227 m. It is an unimportant elevation, standing a bit eastwards. When going by the ridge, we usually reach the saddle between it and Zadnji Vogel, so we don't deter those few meters to ascend it. The last and the highest is Zadnji Vogel (Last Vogel), 2327 m, the ultimate goal of a hike or ski tour. It lowers towards the west on Vrata pass (cca 2200 m) and towards the north on a similar pass below Vršaki, where no path goes. From Prvi Vogel the ridge continues down on Bohinj meadows over two lower, plateau-like summits, called Slatna, 2077 m, and Kreda, 2033 m. They can be easilly reached, but they count only a few visits. In early summer nice flora there, in winter a nice ski terrain.

Summit Views

From Zadnji Vogel
The view from Zadnji Vogel
Debeli vrh from the west
Debeli vrh from Prvi Vogel

As said, Vogli ridge is a special waste world for hikers enthusiasts and in winter a very beautiful goal for tour skiers. Their slopes can be skied down in many directions. As the ridge is a bit higher than to the west of it stretching ridge above Dolina Triglavskih jezer (The Valley of Triglav Lakes), from Vogli summits we still have an open view to western and southern horizons. On the other two sides there can be seen higher summits of Bohinj group, such as Vršaki, Debeli vrh, Mišeljski konec and behind them the Triglav itself.

Getting There

Julian Alps subgroups. The...
Julian Alps
A self-made map of Bohinj...
Bohinj Group

For a broader overview see the Bohinj Group page and the Julian Alps page! On the map on the right you can see that all roads end in the Bohinj valley. The mountaineering trail for the Valley of Triglav Lakes starts at Savica, 653 m, the trail for Planina Jezero starts in Suha valley - planina Blato, 1150 m or below in Voje, cca 700 m.

Routes Overview and Possible Passages

See full screen. Red: marked paths. Brown: Unmarked paths and pathless passages. Blue: Ski tours.

If you like to scramble and hike through the labyrinths around Vogli, there are many options. In any case make sure that you go in a day, when visibility is good and that you have some reliable tools to orient yourself.

A very recommendable tour proposal is Encircling Za Kopico Valley tour. It goes up by the ridge of Vogli and descends by the ridge above The Valley of Triglav Lakes. If you are a summits collector, you can ascend 8 peaks on this tour.

Some additional passages to mention are the folowing: Coming from the south you start on Dedno Polje meadow, 1560 m (1 h 30 min from the parking place on Blato meadow). Continue by the marked path towards the NW into Za Kopico valley. Overcoming the first valley step, when the valley broadens and opens, you have tho options:

  • Go directly right up (towards the north) on Prvi Vogel and continue by the whole ridge towards the north. Prvi Vogel can be reached by the grassy ravine on the left, to a small saddle in the side ridge, and then right on top (easy), or by a shepherds path, which goes right on Slatna summit, and then from the saddle between Slatna and Prvi Vogel over the SE ridge on top (this is steeper). The first (left) option is also very fine for skiing.
  • Go by Za Kopico valley till the end (Vrata pass, cca 2200m), then turn right and ascend Zadnji Vogel and continue down by the whole ridge.

Coming from the south-east you start on Laz meadow, 1560 m (1 h 30 min from the parking place on Blato meadow). From huts go by a pathless terrain towards the west. The valley ascends up below the steep walls of Slatna and Kreda, which you see on your left. On the right are the rocky steps of Konjske police. This passage is also used for tour skiing, here you come down skiing from Kanjavec, for example. On the altitude of some 1900 m you can:

  • Turn left and ascend through a steep ravine on the saddle between Slatna (left) and Prvi Vogel (right). Then by the SE ridge on top of Prvi Vogel and further on. Also this passage can be in good conditions skied down (but I don't know how appropriate is for skiing the SE ridge).
  • Continue towards the NW until you almost reach Globoka konta (Deep Basin). Just before it, on the left an easy passage up opens. It brings you directly on the saddle between Srednji Vogel and Zadnji Vogel. Go on the highest one, then return down by Vogli ridge or by the valley Za Kopico.

Coming from the north, you will probably get from Hribarice or The Valley of Triglav Lakes on Vrata pass, cca 2200 m. (This passage can be tricky in winter, in hard snow!) From there ascend Zadnji Vogel (15 minutes). Cross the slopes up towards the right, just above more steep slabs, choosing the best passages. When this slope is crossed down, you need to go from the highest point towards the right and not too early directly down. Here we also ski down from Zadnji Vogel on Vrata pass and further down. From the middle part of Vogli ridge there are more passages down into Za Kopico valley and very likely also towards the eastern side. Passages towards the west can be used for skiing.

Red Tape

Vogli stand in the Triglav National Park. So, please do everything to preserve nature! Almost all parking places around Bohinj lake need to be paid. Also the road through Suha valley needs to be paid (10€ in 2007). Perhaps here it is appropriate to learn a few 'Bohinj Rules'. As already said on the main Bohinj group page, Bohinj people are kind of special. So, if this year a price is €10 and next time you arrive and see the price is €15, don't ask much. You'll never get a reasonable answer, because the three main rules there are: 1. We make rules. 2. Never ask why, because our flexibility is hard to explain. Or you will get a fist through the car window. 3. To help you understand rules - they are allways in our favour.

When To Climb?

Skiing from Prvi Vogel
Skiing from Prvi Vogel

Vogli can be ascended in almost all seasons. Only in bad visibility conditions the ascent is not recommended. So, in snow-free times the best months are June to October in times of tour skiing March to May. For weather see here. Even better site is wunderground - here's the direct link to Kredarica station, 2515 m (below Triglav summit).

Huts And Camping

Laz from Prvi Vogel
Laz meadow

For ascents and more details see the Bohinj Group page.



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