Glen Lake Trailhead

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Glen Lake Trailhead
Created On: Aug 3, 2006
Last Edited On: Feb 12, 2008

Access to Points 8608 & 8618

Trailhead Parking
About 2 miles north of Victor, MT, turn west from Hwy 93 at Bell Crossing. The intersection has a blinking yellow light, and is marked with a Forest Service sign for the Big Creek Trailhead.

In less than a half mile the road turns 90 degrees to the right (north), quickly followed by another 90 degree turn, this time to the left (west). In about a mile, you will reach FR 738 which turns slightly to the right in a northwesterly direction.

Glen Lake Trailhead

As you proceed uphill, you will pass through the area of the old Curlew Mine before reaching an intersection. The right (northwest) fork goes downhill to the Big Creek Trailhead.

You want to take the left (south) fork onto FR 1321. In about 6 more miles you will reach the Glen Lake Trailhead, marked with a Forest Service sign. Make sure you stay on the main road. There are several spur roads which will take you to dead-ends.

There are no restroom facilities at the trailhead.

For information about the climbers' route accessed from this trailhead, see the links included in the pictures' descriptions.

Point 8608 can be seen from the saddle
along the Glen Lake Trail
Point 8618 from near the summit of Point 8608