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Additional Information Elevation: 7470 ft / 2277 m
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The Hochschwab massif from the east  

The summit of Hochschwab and...
dedo - the south face of Hochschwab

Hochschwab is a name for mountain massif and also for it's highest summit. It belongs to the long chain of Northern Limestone Alps and is situated on it's very eastern end. The northern border of the massif is river Salza, on the west Erzbach and Enns, on the south the foothills reach river Mur and on the east it's borders are creeks: Thoerl and Stubming - beyond the Seeberg saddle already the Veitsch-Alpe lies.

Hochschwab is characteristic for its carst phaenomena. It is a picturesque plateau, interestingly, falling with steep rock walls towards the south. Many summits on this edge offer excellent climbing possibilities of all difficulties. Otherwise, the group is a paradise for hiking and tour skiing. Also in the massif there are many carst holes with rich underground phenomena. As there are no higher mountains towards the east, the summit offers also a great panorama. On the eastern edge of the massif the famous town Eisenerz lies, where you can admire one of the greatest open iron mines in Europe.

This page is devoted to the Hochschwab summit, which is situated in the eastern part of the group. It falls towards the south with 300 m high rocky walls, towards the west the main high plateau continues, towards the north its carst slopes lower steadily to Salza River and towards the east a long ridge, named Aflenzer Staritzen goes to the saddle of Seeberg. Close to the main summit a side ridge goes towards the south-east, forming a small, picturesque group.

Getting There

Hochschwab trailhead at...
At Bodenbauer

The massif can be reached well by car.

For the southern approach on Hochschwab summit you can use the parking place at Bodenbauer (Hotel), which can be reached by the road: Thoerl - St. Ilgen - Bodenbauer (15 km).

To approach the summit from the east, you start at the main road either on Seebergsattel or south below it.

From the north Hochschwab summit can be reached from Salza valley. By train you can reach Bruck an der Mur. There is also regular bus connection Bruck an der Mur - Aflenz - Seebergsattel - Mariazell.

You can see a detailed map (1:50.000) on-line on:

Normal Routes List

Here are some ascent on the summit od Hochscwab:

  • From Seebergsattel. Seebergsattel (1246 m) - Seeleiten (1734 m) - Aflenzer Staritzen (cca 2000 m) - Schiestlhaus (2153 m) - Hochschwab (2277 m). 5 hours, some up's and down's.
  • From Seewiesen. Seewiesen (974 m) - Seetal - Voisthaler Huette (1654 m) - Schiestlhaus (2153 m) - Hochschwab (2277 m). 5.5 hours. This is also a ski tour. See among Routes: Dullwitz.
  • From Bodenbauer via Haeuselalm. Bodenbauer (884 m) - Haeuselalm (1526 m) - Rauchtalsattel (cca 2100 m) - Hochschwab (2277 m). 6 hours. This is also a ski tour.
  • From Bodenbauer via "G'hackte". Bodenbauer (884 m) - Trawiestal - "G'hackte" passage - Hochschwab (2277 m). 4.5 hours.
  • From Salza valley. Salza valley (685 m) - Samstall - Weinbrunnkessel - Schiestlhaus (2153 m) - Hochschwab (2277 m). 5.5 hours.

See also descriptions of other Hochschwab summits: (1). Grosser Griesstein, 2023 m through the Lang Eibl Schlucht. (2). Ringkamp, 2153 m from Weichselboden.

Red Tape

A small area near Prescenyklause!! (near Weichselboden)

When To Climb

Hochschwab summit can be reached any time of the season. For hiking and climbing best months are in summer and autumn, for admiring beautiful flora early summer is the obvious best choice. For tour skiing the best months are from December to March.


  1. Morning on Haeuselalm. Feb....
    February morning near Haeuselalm
    Schiestlhaus, 2156 m, just below the summit. The new Schiestlhaus was opened in Sept. 2005 (web link).
  2. Voisthaler Huette, 1654 m, above the Seetal valley. Opened from May till end October and in spring also for weekends. Tel.: 0663/9631033. Winter room wit 7 places.
  3. Haeuselalm hut, 1526 m, between Ilgner Tal and Sonnschienalm. Opened from April till end September and in spring also for weekends. Tel.: 03861/8130.
  • There is a camping place near Leoben and a small one near Tragoess, but they are quite off the trails to main summit.
  • There is a camping place in Wildalpen and a good online list of hotels and private rooms in Mariazell, both useful for the somewhat remote and longer approaches from north - hiking and skiing.

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The new Schiestlhaus was opened in Sept. 2005 (

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Lufthammer and Himmelsleiter routes

Video from the Lufthammer and Himmelsleiter routes:

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