Hochschwab Massif

Page Type Page Type: Area/Range
Location Lat/Lon: 47.61711°N / 15.14137°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Ice Climbing, Via Ferrata, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 7470 ft / 2277 m
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Hochschwab (demotic Schwobn or Schwab) - approx 400 km2 - is a east-west streched massif of the northern limestone alps. The Hochschwab massif is a karst plateau. Important summits are Hochschwab, Ringkamp, Aflenzer Staritzen, Zeller Staritzen and Pfaffenstein


Hochschwab - South FaceHochschwab South Face
Hochschwab - South Face Hochschwab + Kl. Schwab South Face
Hochschwab Massif Overview
Hochschwab Massif (from Veitsch) Hochschwab Massif (from east - Veitsch summit)

The eastern border of the Hochschwab range is from Gußwerk - Seebergsattel - Thörlbach - Kapfenberg; southern border Mürz and Mur to Leoben, western border from Leoben to Präbichl - Hieflau - Großreifling, northern border from Großreifling following the river Salza to Gußwerk.

Getting There

Depending on the destination - important junctions on the south side of the Hochschwab massif are Bruck an der Mur and Leoben - easily reached by train - Austrian Southern Railway or by car via Semmering Schnellstraße (S 6) or Pyhrn Autobahn (A 9).

There are only small towns on the north side of the Hochschwab massif, like Hieflau and Mariazell.

Red Tape

Some areas (mainly on the north side of the Hochschwab massif) are off limits - water protection area - no littering, no camping etc. (second Vienna water supply)

Strictly No Trespassing at Prescenyklause!! (near Weichselboden)

Important climbing areas in the Hochschwab Massif


near Eisenerz
pfaffenstein eisenerz Pfaffenstein

near Präbichl

Griesmauer, Hochturm
Oct. 2007: All bolts at Hochturm have been removed.
Fledermausgrat - Griesmauer Fledermausgrat - Griesmauer
Fledermausgrat - Griesmauer Fledermausgrat - Griesmauer
griesmauer / hochschwab Fledermausgrat - Griesmauer
Hochturm - Route Blumenkinder Hochturm


Schaufelwand (Hochschwab Massif) Schaufelwand

Bodenbauer - Trawiestal

Hundswand, Beilstein, Wetzsteinkogel
Hochschwab Hundswand Hundswand
hochschwab hundswand Hundswand
Hochschwab Hundswand Hundswand
Beilstein East Ridge Beilstein East Ridge
Beilstein East Ridge Beilstein East Ridge
wetzsteinkogel Wetzsteinplatte
wetzsteinkogel Wetzsteinplatte

Hochschwab, kleiner Schwab

several long climbing routes
The summit of Hochschwab and... Hochschwab Southface

near Voisthaler Hütte

Edelspitzen, Karlmauer, Höllmauer

Hochschwab - Mittelkuppe Untere Dullwitz

near Fölzalm

Mitteralmturm, Schartenspitz, Winkelkogel
Mitteralpenturm - West Ridge Mitteralmturm
Mitteralpenturm - West Ridge Mitteralmturm

Ice Climbing

two waterfalls around Bodenbauer (Trawisalm, Karlgraben)

Skitouring + Skiing


and several other (e.g. near Präbichl, Gschödererkar)

Ringkamp - north face (from... Ringkamp
Hochschwab from Ringkamp Hochschwab from Ringkamp
Voisthalergasse between... Dullwitz
Rauchtal (Hochschwab) Rauchtal
A good hour still to the... Hochwart
Zagelkar (Hochwab) Zagerlkar

Ski resorts

  • Präbichl
  • Aflenzer Bürgeralm
  • Seewiesen/Seeberg

Viae Ferratae, Hiking, Whitewater Kayaking etc.

Viae Ferratae

Eisenerzer Klettersteig - a new via ferrata at Pfaffenstein - reopened (damages are repaired)
and two easy viae ferratae also at Pfaffenstein

a new via ferrata near Leopoldsteiner See


A lot of marked trails
Androthalm (Hoschwabmassif) Androthalm (near Sonnschienalm)
Grüner See (Hochschwabmassif) Grüner See
Ibex on Hochschwab Plateau Alpine Ibex
The route on the plateau.The... Hochschwab Plateau
Hiking Seetal (near Seewiesen) Seetal
Larix (Lärche) at Aflenzer Staritzen near Seebergsattel

Whitewater Kayaking

The river Salza is a well known Whitewater Kayaking/Rafting area.

Places to Stay

Several B+Bs and Hotels in small towns

Alpine Huts

  • near Präbichl - Leobner Hütte
  • Bodenbauer - Trawiestal - Gasthof Bodenbauer
  • Hochschwab, kleiner Schwab - Schiestlhaus, Voisthaler Hütte
  • Fölzalm two huts: Grasserhütte; Herzerhütte (usually open from May to October)
  • Sonnschienhütte - Summer: open from mid May to mid Sept., around Christmas and around Easter (closed from mid Sept. to mid Oct.); - Winter: open on Weekends from mid Oct to mid May
  • Fleischer-Biwak

Fölzalm - Herzerhütte (Hochschwab) Fölzalm - Herzerhütte
Fölzalm - Grasserhütte (Hochschwab) Fölzalm - Grasserhütte
Florlhütte (Hochschwab) Florlhütte
Voisthaler Hütte (Hochschwab) Voisthaler Hütte
Schiestlhaus (Hochschwab) Schiestlhaus
Fleischer Biwak (Hochschwab) Fleischer Biwak
Häuslalm (Hochschwab) Häuslalm
Sonnschienalm Sonnschienhütte
Androthalm (Hoschwabmassif) Androthalm

Links, Books and Maps, Webcams


www.bergsteigen.at - a lot of climbing, viae ferratae, skitouring information (only in German)

Alpenregion Hochschwab

avalanche bulletins - www.lawine-steiermark.at (in German only)

Books and Maps


Hochschwab by Günter + Luise Auferbauer - ISBN 978-3-7633-1261-0 (out of print)

Hochschwab by Rudolf Ä. Lindner ISBN 3-900310-26-2

Austrian Map: ÖK 101 Eisenerz, ÖK 102 Aflenz Kurort




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