Lakes of the Klamath Mountains

Lakes of the Klamath Mountains

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Klamath Mountains

Mount EddyMount Eddy towers above Upper Deadfall Lake in the Klamath Mountains

The Klamath Mountains of California are one of the most remote, unique and spectacular mountain ranges in the United States. The Klamaths consist of numerous subranges composed of several different rock types. The result of this rock concoction is a number of subranges with distinctly different environments. For example, the stark white granite of the Trinity Alps contrasts dramatically from the red peaks of the Red Buttes.

The Klamath Mountains stretch from the North Yolla Bolly range, west of Red Bluff to the Siskiyou and Kalmiopsis ranges in southern Oregon. These mountains contain the highest concentration of wild & scenic rivers in the US. Feeding these rivers are hundreds of excellent lakes. The variety, obscurity, remoteness and gorgeous scenery around these lakes place them in the upper echelons of American wilderness destinations.


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