Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 45.26113°N / 117.40928°W
Additional Information County: Wallowa
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 8684 ft / 2647 m
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These Two points are just North of maxwell lake. I dont think very many people climbe these points. There is a mint-tin for a register on the western most of the two points, that has only 3 or 4 names in it, and it has been there for 5 or so years. I believe that far fewer have climbed the eastern of the two, as I saw no signs whatsoever of human contact on the peak. There is even a lake with no name just east of the eastern peak. The ridge that connects these two peaks seems to be very good habitat for the deer/elk/sheep ect... found in the wallowasa due to the ampount of sign found in the area. The route to the top is fairly easy, for somebody who is in good shape

Getting There

Take Hwy 82 from lagrande oregon, or Hwy 3 from lewiston Idaho, to lostine oregon. From there take lostine river road 17 miles up the canyon to shady campground, where you will find the maxwell lake trailhead. It is 4 miles on a realitively easy trail two maxwell lake. From maxwell lake take the Sheep trail up to the sandy pass to the west of the lake. From there it is a pretty easy climb to the first point. There is a summit register in an altoids can on top. From this point there is a breathtaking view of the north minam meadows, as well as 18 lakes if you keep your eyes open.

Red Tape

An northwest forest pass is required to park at the shady campground. info can be found here <a/href=> Northwest Forest Pass

When To Climb

June- October. I think it would be impossible to climb these two in the winter, depending on the amount of snow that year.


Camping must be at least 200 feet from maxwell lake.

Miscellaneous Info

Weather <a/ href=>Weather Link

Historic Info

Historically the maxwell lake area was used as a sheepherding area. Infact the trail from maxwell lake west to the "sandy pass" was made by sheepherders moving thier animals to catched two lake to the south. from atop these ponts one can see Wilson Pass, which is named after John Henry Wilson, who had a mine at john henry lake which is definatly worth a visit. He built a mine into the mounain there that goes everal hundred feet into the montain... in search of copper. This was in the late 1800's to the early 1900's. Legend has it that Brownie basin is named such because John Henry Wilson killed a grizzly bear there when he first started working the mine. This entire are was used by the Nez Perze Idians as a hunting ground, and Arrowheads can still be found there. Towards the turn of the century, John Henry wilson murdured an Indian Brave and his wife who were riding into the north minam meadows. I know people who have found human remains in this area... I believe it is either one of those two native americans, or Wilson himself (who stayed in the area too late one year and froze to death). Supreme Court Justice William Oliver Douglas had a cabin on the lostine river below flagstaff point... and was very fond of this area. Many of he lakes and streams in the area were named by him. He wrote two books about the area. "Of Men and Mountians" and "Go East Young Man"



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