Mountain Heather

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Mountain Heather
Created On: Mar 6, 2007
Last Edited On: Mar 6, 2007

Mountain Heather

The term mountain heather loosely describes a group of low growing plants typically of the family Ericaceae. Collectively, such groups are labeled as heather, moss-heather, moss-bush, Cassiope, bell flowers, heath and probably others. They are among the most representative of high mountain habitats and generally form low trailing sub-shrubs or mats as an adaptation to the harsh environments of the upper elevations. In addition to the low habit, other characteristics that allow these plants to exist under harsh conditions often include glandular hairs on the herbage; evergreen leaves that are generally scale-like, short and stiff or leathery and bell shaped flowers. Species to include in this album are members of the genera Cassiope, Harrimanella, Phyllodoce and possibly others.

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