Mountains in Tibet

Mountains in Tibet

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This is a list of mountains represented on Summit Post located in Tibet (i.e. the Tibetan Autonomous Region). Some of these mountains have a nice and long page dedicated to them, others are only represented by one or two images.

Mountains located in Tibet

Name of mountain and Link to SP page
altitude (m)
foto of the mountain
8850 m
8201 m
8027 m
7694 m
7295 m
7294 m
7206 m

7162 m

7095 m
7048 m
Ulugh Muztagh (Muztagh Feng)
6973 m
6674 m
 6635 m  
6550 m
6638 m
6540 m
6430 m
6404 m
6371 m
6305 m
6106 m
 6264 m  
5538 m
5249 m
4298 m



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