My beloved huts of the Pyrenees

My beloved huts of the Pyrenees

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My beloved huts of the Pyrenees

Sherperds shelters and pasture huts are one of the wealth of the Pyrenees.
Who calculates well the route to some remote peak doesn't have to bother about carrying a tent.
Some of the most popular occured to be locked recently, but most of them remain open. It's a great feeling of freedom.. as long as everyone cares about leaving them clean and remake the wood provision as it was.

More than the logistical point of view, this is a cultural way to discover the Pyrenees.
And above all, a good way to spend fun moments with hiking fellows !

There is an incredible amount of this type of places in the Pyrenees whose list one can find on this site: If you wish to know the exact location of one hut, check this list. If you really can't find whay you need, ask me and I'll search.

This album is a tribute to my favourite huts... enjoy !


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yatsek - Oct 30, 2008 2:30 pm - Voted 10/10


"Cabana" makes me think of Romania,high time you went there though it might be better to take a tent; high time I went to the Pyrenees as it's clear you don't have to carry a tent (I prefer the tent but my back doesn't any more:-)


visentin - Oct 31, 2008 5:55 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Cabanas

There are semantics about the word Cabana... I slept in Romania's Cabana Alpina at pass Pasul Rotunda. But I think "Cabana" in Romania designate more something like an official guarded mountain-hut. "Cabane" or "Cabana" in french/spannish designate the most basic shelter. Refugio in spannish is also something tricky as it can designate what we call a "refuge" (in french, a refuge always means something guarded), as well as a "Cabana".
The English terms are also in my opinion very confusing, and there is a bit of everything on SP. People often write "mountain-hut" or "shelter" for guarded refuges (Schronisko in polish, Chata in SK/CZ), which in my opinion is innapropriate word. "Mountain hotel" is also in my opinion not good (a hotel is accessible by car for non-hikers). "Chalet" is a private house. "Mountain refuge" is the best word I think.
As for the polish/slovak term, "Koliba" is the exact word for the content of this album :)


yatsek - Nov 2, 2008 2:15 pm - Voted 10/10

So you've already been

to Romania (I just looked at your Rodnei pics) - so I should've said high time you went to the South Carpathians (I liked them much more than the East - more trees, fewer people, more Tatra-type ranges). Talking of the terms, you're right there's a big mess but this kind of mess and overlapping is a common feature of most languages. My views about "cabanas":
1. French cabana you've depicted = English cabin/lodge/chalet (wooden, in the forest) or shelter (higher up, stone/metal) = Polish chatka (forest)/szałas (shepherds')/schron(higher up) = Slovak koliba
2. Polish schronisko = Slovak chata = Romanian cabana = English chalet/mountain hotel (depending on standard)

You're absolutely right pointing out that "hut/shelter" for "schronisko" does not make sense. A "mountain refuge", to me is much more general (any kind of place to enjoy peace and quiet as well as sleeping well), but I'm not a native speaker of English. It's always fun to ask the English/Irish/Americans but they quite often use diverse words for the same thing, and sometimes give the same word opposite meanings.
PS Do you think you could click on the "Reply" link before you start replying to my messages so I can have them in "Replies to my messages" right away?


visentin - Nov 2, 2008 3:17 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: So you've already been

We spent with my wife 6 days in Maramures and Rodnei in 2006, we absolutely loved it, and plan to return. South of Romania are also places I'd love to see (especially Fagaras and Piatra Craiuli) but they are more remote.. and driving in Romania isn't that fast.. I'd like also to go to Montenegro, Macedonia, Rilin, Pila, so many mountains I'd like to hike in my life... But in the nearest future I'll be dad so small hikes will be required, and Maramures is perfect for that... Pyrenees, thinking back, also have their lot of wilderness which I like, and are a place I feel at home, safe, and with enough adventure within short reach of hand, in some unpopular areas I know more or less :)
Who is "Emil" that you mention in each message ?

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