Nördlicher Söllerkopf

Nördlicher Söllerkopf

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 47.31887°N / 10.42667°E
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 7881 ft / 2402 m
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Noerdlicher SoellerkopfView from the summit to Südlicher Söllerkopf (16-08-2009)

This peak is one of the minor summits of Hornbach range within Allgäu mountains, which can be “pocketed” easily while being up to some other peaks of this region.

Branching off from the main Hornbach ridge to the south, there are several subridges standing high above Lechtal valley and bearing some interesting “minor” summits, a grazing ground for peak baggers. Nördlicher Söllerkopf, a rocky peak, standing north of Südlicher Söllerkopf and Balschtesattel, a col in the southern subrange Kreuzkarspitze - Söllerköpfe, is marking the highest point of this subridge. The rugged and wild subridge divides the huge southern cirques of Balschtekar (to the west) and Noppenkar (to the east).

Nördlicher Söllerkopf is built up of Hauptdolomit and Plattenkalk, the first a splintered and rugged dolomite stone, the latter a limestone which is good to climb.

Nördlicher Söllerkopf can be reached from Enzensperger Weg, the grant trail between Hermann-von-Barth Hütte and Kaufbeurer Haus via Balschtekar. This part is off-trail.

I recommend a combined trip to Kreuzkarspitze and Nördlicher Söllerkopf, a great and lonely hike in an impressive surrounding.

Getting There

The main trailhead for Nördlicher Söllerkopf is Elbigenalp in the Lechtal valley.

You reach Lechtal valley

  • from Garmisch-Partenkirchen via Lermoos by using road numbers 23, 187 and 195 to Reutte / Tirol

  • from Füssen by using road number 198 to Reutte

  • from Innsbruck and Imst by using the Hahntennjoch road to Elmen / Lechtal

  • from Rheintal, Bregenz, by using Arlberg road and road number 198 to Lech / Warth

  • Follow Lechtal valley road number 198 from Reutte or from Lech / Warth until you reach Elbigenalp.

    The trailhead is at the western end of Elbigenalp where the Geierwally parking (oh yes !!!) area is signposted. Leave your car here (2009: free parking).

    Red Tape

    No red tape as far as I know.

    Rotwand (left), Balschtesattel, Südlicher and Nördlicher Söllerkopf and Kreuzkarspitze as seen from Noppenkar / Enzensperger Weg (26-07-2009)

    Main Routes Overview

    Noerdlicher SoellerkopfNördlicher Söllerkopf as seen from Kreuzkarspitze ascent (16-08-2009)

    To summit Nördlicher Söllerkopf you have to reach the Enzensperger Weg / trail number 432 / 435 in the eastern part of Balschtekar.

    From Elbigenalp follow the mountain road to Kasermandl Inn and to the resupply cableway of Herrman-von-Barth Hütte. At the end of this road you have three possibilities:

  • follow Rotwand trail to the right, passing Göllnerhütte and walking up to Balschtesattel. From Balschtesattel turn on trail 435 in western direction and descend into Balschtekar. Leave the trail to the right shortly after you leave the scree slope.

  • Follow trail 436 to Herrmann-von-Barth Hütte and turn right onto trail 432 / 435 into Balschtekar. Traverse Balschtekar until you nearly arrive the scree slope of Söllerköpfe where the trail starts to ascent to Balschtesattel.

  • Leave trail 436, the Herrmann-von-Barth Hut trail at the traverse of Balschte creek. Follow Balschte creek on its right (orographic left) side off-trail up into Balschtekar and to Enzensperger Weg (trail 432 / 435). On Enzensperger Weg turn right and follow this trail until you nearly arrive the scree slope of Söllerköpfe where the trail starts to ascent to Balschtesattel.

  • Climb the rock and meadow slopes up to a notch left of Nördlicher Söllerkopf and right of Kreuzkarspitze in the north – south running connecting ridge. This notch is right of a level part of this ridge. At the notch turn right and overcome some first steep rocks to a level part of the north ridge. From this part of the ridge traverse right of it into a notch with a cairn. Traverse into the following first chute which leads back to the north ridge and follow it until you can leave it to the right up to a second notch right of the main ridge (UIAA grade I – I+).

    From the second notch traverse a shallow second chute below the northern subsummit to a third notch right of the subsummit. From this third notch descend some steps into a third chute which again leads back to the north ridge between the subsummit and the main summit. Climb up this chute to the notch (one part UIAA grade II).

    I think you can climb the subsummit from the second shallow chute, too (UIAA grade II), the rock looks good. From the subsummit there is an easy and short descent to the notch.

    At the notch turn right and climb the summit block (UIAA grade I – II) up to the summit.

    Noerdlicher SoellerkopfSummit ascent: View from the third notch into the third chute (UIAA grade I - II) with the ascent route (16-08-2009)
    Noerdlicher SoellerkopfSummit ascent: View from third to second notch, traverse below northern subsummit (16-08-2009)
    Noerdlicher SoellerkopfSummit ascent: View from second notch into first chute and to first notch (16-08-2009)

    The description might sound complicated to you but it is easier to find than you might think. It is a nice climb in sufficiently firm rock and an enjoyable “detour” during a descent from Kreuzkarspitze.


    Noerdlicher SoellerkopfSummit ascent: summit block (16-08-2009)

    In Lechtal valley there are all sorts of accomodations: Hotels, Inns, private Bed & Breakfast and Camping areas.

    For general infomations please refer to: Lechtal tourist page

    More detailed informations about accommodations in the nearest villages can be found on the homepages of

  • Elbigenalp

  • Häselgehr

  • Bach

  • Nearby mountain huts (alpine club or private huts) are:

  • Herrmann-von-Barth Hütte

  • Kaufbeurer Haus

  • Gear & Mountain Conditions

    Noerdlicher SoellerkopfSummit ascent: view from second to third notch and to the subsummit (16-08-2009)

    Nördlicher Söllerkopf is a summer and autumn hike. As far as I know there are no winter and spring ski hike activities though Balschtekar can be an interesting ski hike aim.

    It is a strenuous and in some parts off-trail day hike from the valley trailheads or a moderate hike from Hermann-von-Barth Hütte.

    You need normal hiking gear with good shoes. In addition you should be used to off-trail hikes, have a good sense for orientation and you should be used to in some parts very exposed rock climbing up to UIAA grade I / II. A short rope and some gear for belaying can be useful to secure less experienced people at the summit block.

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