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Cima Lago Spalmo (3291m), Cima Viola (3374m), Scima da Saoseo (3264m)

Laliderer Spitze, normal...

Malta valley from Tschiernock


Sojo (Covolo di Lusiana -VI-)

Slopes of Triglav

Gailbergbach ravine

On the Vermunt glacier, heading from the Obere Ochenscharte to the Dreiländerspitze


Ponte di Veja

Fort Cherle heavy guns posts



Dolomites "Alta Via" n.2

Panoramic view down the Hohe Geige normal route from the junction with the west ridge route


Hermann enjoying the view into Switzerland from the Hintere Jamspitze

Breitspitze summit cross, seen from the true summit, just a little bit to the east

Großer Spießnagel

Forcella Rua Alta

Monte Valcalda and the W panorama from Monte Verzegnis


Partschinser Wasserfall

The Val Fedaria Circuit - GPS

Kleiner Rettenstein


Piz d'Arlas

Benediktenwand - (he is not real)

Blasiuszeiger (2837m) from the Lodnerhütte (2259m)

on the top of Filadonna°s peak

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Viewing: 31-60 of 29548