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"Notch Mountain" from Rampart Range Road

Gully, West Slope, "Notch Mountain"

Lela on "Notch Mountain"

Outcrop on "Notch Mountain"

Ponderosa Pine & Kinnikinnick

"Notch Mountain" socked in

"Notch Mountain" summit approach

Approaching the "Notch Mountain" summit

"Notch Mountain" summit marker

"Notch Mountain" transition to boulders

"Notch Mountain" typical travel conditions

Rampart Range Road driving conditions

Rampart Range Road driving conditions

"Notch Mountain" Regional Map

"Notch Mountain" Western Slope

UN 9620 Regional Map

UN 9620 via FS 300Q

Parking for UN 9620

UN 9620: Signpost for FS 300Q

UN 9620: Final approach to the summit

UN 9620: Last rocks toward summit

UN 9620: Looking southwest away from the summit

UN 9620: Near the summit

UN 9620: Looking north-northeast

UN 9620: Outcrop

UN 9620 from FS 300Q

UN 9620: Snow on an outcrop

UN 9620: Snowy views from summit area

UN 9620: Summit area

Looking across Ute Pass from Mount Heizer

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Viewing: 1-30 of 17955