Colorado 2,000 foot Prominence Peaks

Colorado 2,000 foot Prominence Peaks

Colorado, United States, North America
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1/21/05: Longs Peak, as seen...
Longs Peak
Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the United States. This was one of the last major states on Summitpost not to have a page dedicated to its 2,000 foot prominence peaks. In the lower 48 Colorado ranks 7th. Nevada, California, Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Washington have more. Colorado is able to boast 80 P2K peaks and 2 Error Range peaks. Most avid hikers in Colorado are in competition to climb 14ers and 13ers. Only 20 of Colorado's 53 14ers have at least 2,000 feet of Prominence. As far as 13ers there are 18 with at least 2,000 feet of prominence. There is also 26 County High Points on this list as well.

There are some other pages on Summitpost dedicated to Prominent peaks in Colorado. I made this list to help Summitpost members and others who are insterested in focusing on Colorado's 2,000 foot prominent peaks. At the time of writing this 64 of the 82 peaks have Summitpost pages. Colorado gets a lot of new mountain pages on Summitpost on a monthly basis. I'm putting a goal out there for Summitpost members: for all of Colorado's P2Ks to have a Summitpost page by the end of 2012 (except Ute Peak, since it is on an Indian Reservation). There are some very avid Summitpost members posting pages in Colorado. Does this sound attainable?

I will be keeping an eye out to make this page stay as updated as possible.

Resources used to help with this page: Peaklist and Peakbagger.

Here is a map of the Colorado P2Ks.

Colorado County Map

To date there is one known person who has climbed all of Colorado's Prominence Peaks: Bob Packard To see the list of others progress on this list check out Peakbagger.

Colorado's 2,000 foot Prominence Peaks

RankImageSummit NameElevation (ft)Prominence (ft)CountyLatitudeLongitudeMap Link
1 Mount Elbert14,4409,093Lake COHP39.117732N39.117732°WMap
2 Pikes Peak14,1155,530El Paso COHP38.840511°N105.044589°WMap
3 Blanca Peak14,3495,325Alamosa & Costilla COHPs37.577491°N 117.088°W Map
4 Culebra Peak14,0474,827Costilla37.122357°N105.185805°WMap
5 Crestone Peak14,2944,554Saguache COHP37.966829°N105.585473°WMap
6 Uncompahgre Peak14,3094,249Hinsdale COHP38.071653°N107.462165°WMap
7 Flat Top Mtn12,3544,054Garfield COHP40.014759°N 107.083357°W Map
8 Ute Peak9,9794,039Montezuma37.284032°N 108.778622°W Map
9 Mount Wilson14,2464,026Dolores COHP37.839122°N 107.991586°W Map
10 Mt. Lincoln14,2863,866Park COHP39.351504°N 106.111584°W Map
11 Greenhorn Mountain12,3473,777Pueblo COHP37.881517°N 105.013273°W Map
12 West Spanish Peak13,6263,686Huerfano, Las Animas COHP37.375588°N 104.993396°W Map
13 Mount Gunnison12,7193,539Gunnison38.812095°N 107.382599°W Map
14 Mt. Zirkel12,1803,470JacksonRoutt (Highest Point)40.831338°N 106.663082°W Map
15 San Luis Peak14,0143,114Saguache37.98690°N 106.9308°W Map
A view of North Mamm Peak.
North Mamm Peak11,1233,103Garfield39.38655°N 107.866082°W Map
17 West Elk Peak13,0353,095Gunnison38.717882°N 107.199441°W Map
18no SP PageHuntsman Mountain11,8523,072Gunnison & Pitkin39.192006°N 107.366847°W Map
19 Mount Sneffels14,1503,050Ouray COHP38.003776°N 107.79227°W Map
Castle Peak
Castle Peak11,3003,040Eagle39.773164°N 106.834524°W Map
21 Mt. Powell13,5803,000Eagle & Summit39.76008°N 106.340749°W Map
22 Longs Peak14,2552,955Boulder COHP40.254902°N 105.616089°W Map
23 Hesperus Mountain13,2322,852Montezuma COHP37.445066°N 108.088964°W Map
Diamond Peak
Diamond Peak9,6602,845Moffat40.950447°N 108.878173°W Map
25 Treasure Mtn13,5282,828Gunnison39.024375°N 107.122762°W Map
26 Clark Peak12,9512,771Jackson COHP, Larimer40.606828°N 105.930038°W Map
27 Grays Peak14,2702,770Clear Creek & Summit COHP39.633715°N 105.817589°W Map
28 Mt. Evans14,2642,764Clear Creek39.588255°N 105.64377°W Map
29 Summit Peak13,3002,760Archuleta COHP37.350649°N 106.696947°W Map
30 Marcellina Mountain11,3482,728Gunnison38.929898°N 107.243752°W Map
Richthofen from Agnes
Mt. Richthofen12,9402,680Grand & Jackson40.469546°N 105.894522°W Map
32no SP PagePiñon Mesa HP9,7002,680Mesa38.825957°N 108.771857°W Map
33 Parkview Mtn.12,2962,676Grand40.330237°N 106.136233°W Map
34 Mt. Ouray13,9712,671Chaffee & Saguache38.422704°N 106.224804°W Map
35 Crested Butte12,1622,582Gunnison38.883475°N 106.943575°W Map
36no SP PageGraham Peak12,5312,551Hinsdale37.497219°N 107.376179°W Map
37 Mount Antero14,2692,503Colorado38.673889°N 106.246109°W Map
38 East Beckwith Mountain12,4322,492Gunnison38.846245°N°107.223168°W Map
39 Chair Mountain12,7212,461Gunnison39.05805°N107.282134°W Map
40 Whetstone Mtn.12,5162,456Gunnison38.822259°N 106.979935°W Map
41 Bison Peak12,4312,451Park39.238486°N105.497643°WMap
42 Black Mountain10,6802,440Moffat COHP40.783508°N 107.369068°W Map
43 Mount Guero12,0522,432Gunnison38.719621°N 107.386137°W Map
44 Hagues Peak13,5602,420Larimer COHP40.484493°N 105.646437°W Map
45 South River Peak13,1482,418Mineral37.574075°N 106.981612°W Map
46 Antora Peak13,2692,409Saguache38.325016°N106.218017°WMap
47 Bushnell Peak13,1052,405Fremont COHP, Saguache38.341171°N105.889267°WMap
48 Zenobia Peak9,0052,395Moffat40.607211°N108.87006°WMap
49 East Spanish Peak12,6832,383Huerfano & Las Animas37.39351°N104.920163°WMap
50 Castle Peak14,2652,365Gunnison & Pitkin COHP39.00970°N106.8608°WMap
51 Mount Harvard14,4202,360Chaffee COHP38.924452°N 106.320765°W Map
52 Sleepy Cat Peak10,8482,348Rio Blanco40.127524ºN107.533846ºWMap
53 Twilight Peak13,1582,338San Juan37.662989ºN107.727006ºWMap
54 South Maroon Peak14,1562,336Gunnison & Pitkin39.070789°N 106.988972°W Map
55no SP PageTomichi Dome11,4652,325Gunnison38.484916°N106.529058°WMap
56no SP PageWaugh Mountain11,7102,320Freemont38.602234°N105.695538°WMap
57 Crater Peak11,3272,307Delta39.039633ºN107.662813ºWMap
58 Twin Sisters Peaks11,4282,288Larimer40.28862ºN105.517453ºWMap
59 Mt. Silverheels13,8222,282Lincoln39.339346ºN106.005458ºWMap
60 Lone Cone12,6132,273Dolores & San Miguel37.888054ºN108.255573ºWMap
61 Tanks Peak8,7172,267Moffat40.425897ºN108.766008ºWMap
62 Mount Zwischen12,0062,266Huerfano37.791273ºN105.455381ºWMap
63 Puma Peak11,5702,260Park39.154187ºN105.584085ºWMap
64no SP PageElliot Peak12,3402,240Dolores37.734391°N108.058047°WMap
65no SP PageBlack Mountain11,6542,234Park38.718487ºN105.68736ºWMap
66 Mount Mestas11,5692,229Huerfano37.582969ºN105.147366ºWMap
67 Mt. Eolus14,0832,183La Plata37.621846°N 107.622701°W Map
68no SP PageCarbon Peak12,0792,179Gunnison38.794276ºN107.043155ºWMap
69 Meaden Peak (Sand Mtn)10,8792,179Routt40.763613°N107.057508°WMap
70 Mt. Princeton14,1972,177Chaffee38.749127°N 106.242337°W Map
71 Elk Mountain11,4192,159Grand40.161927°N106.128556°WMap
72 Anthracite Range HP (Ohio Mountain)12,3852,125Gunnison38.814526°N107.144505°WMap
73 Mt. Holy Cross14,0052,111Eagle COHP39.466697°N 106.48172°W Map
74 Vermilion Peak13,8942,105San Juan COHP, San Miguel37.799333ºN107.828525ºWMap
75 Bald Mountain13,6842,104Summit39.444811ºN105.970535ºWMap
76 39 Mile Mtn (2 pts)11,5482,088Park38.83244°N105.555332°WMap
77 Jacque Peak13,2052,065Summit39.454895ºN106.197038ºWMap
78 Mt. Herard (Mt. Seven)13,3402,040Saguache37.849152°N105.494903°WMap
79no SP PagePark Cone12,1002,040Gunnison38.796712ºN106.602847ºWMap
80no SP PageWilliams Peak11,6172,037Grand & Summit39.877427ºN106.206514ºWMap

Error Range Peaks

RankImageSummit NameElevation (ft)Prominence(ft)CountyLatitudeLongitudeMap Link
E1no SP PageRed Table Mountain12,0372,017Eagle39.418083ºN106.771218ºWMap
E2 West Buffalo Peak13,3261,986Chaffee & Park38.991968ºN106.124573ºWMap

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Larry V

Larry V - Aug 20, 2011 10:13 am - Voted 10/10

Summit Peak

Nice new page! Summit Peak (#29 on prominence list) is now back on SummitPost, after a long stint in purgatory.


redsplashman23 - Aug 20, 2011 12:37 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Summit Peak

Great catch Larry. This is now fixed! Thanks for catching this.


aw11 - Nov 5, 2014 9:41 pm - Hasn't voted

Mount Mestas Page

A page on Mount Mestas is now on SP. Add the link in your page?


redsplashman23 - Jan 25, 2015 10:26 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Mount Mestas Page

I added the link. Thanks for posting this page.


redsplashman23 - Nov 27, 2014 2:18 pm - Hasn't voted


I added the link. Thanks for posting this page.


derekperc - Jan 23, 2015 6:48 pm - Hasn't voted

San Luis Peak

#15 links to the correct page but the county and coordinates are for a peak in Nevada


redsplashman23 - Jan 25, 2015 10:25 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: San Luis Peak

Thanks for catching this. It's corrected.

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