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Sperry at Sunset

Lake Elan

A View of Elan

Wirtz Basin Pica

The Glacier is Gone

Morning Sun on Sperry

Marmot Relaxing on a Rock

Vesper Peak Summit View

Summit Panorama from Vesper Peak

Climber Making His Way Up Vesper

Sperry Peak from the Vesper Sperry Saddle

Big Four Mountain

Vesper from the Base of Sperry

Vesper from Sperry's Summit

Sperry Summit Pano

Del Campo, Morning Star, and Gothic

Del Campo from Sperry

Mountain Goat on Sperry

Morning Star Peak from the Lake Elan Outlet

Headlee Pass

Morning Star, Del Campo, and Gothic Peaks at sunset

Heather Ledge Traverse on Vesper Peak

Sperry Peak West Face

Approaching Vesper Peak

Keep on truckin'!

From the Mount Dickerman...

Copper Lake from the summit...

Vesper Peak as seen from Mt....

Vesper Peak as seen from an...

Chris looks out towards the...

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Viewing: 1-30 of 17460