Grivel G1


Grivel G1
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Object Title Grivel G1
Manufacturer Grivel
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Product Description

Overall, a very serviceable basic axe. I like the head design, the weight is fairly light at 16oz, and they make a nice assortment of sizes. I really like the rounded adze rather than a sharp cornered. Might make chopping a ledge a little more time consuming, but I like the idea of throwing myself into self arrest on a rounded corner, rather than a sharp edge....maybe that's just me. :) My only beef with this axe is the carabiner holes are simply too small. I have only a limited number of carabiners that will work with it, where as my OmegaPacifics and Black Diamonds work with nearly every carabiner. This is easy to fix as you can run a small sling through it and use that as an attachment point. Overall, it will work just fine....but so will others with a larger carabiner hole.


Carbon Steel head
Aluminum shaft



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