Grivel Nepal S.A (2007)


Grivel Nepal S.A (2007)
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Object Title Grivel Nepal S.A (2007)
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Product Description

Product Description
The Grivel Nepal S.A. Ice Axe is ideal for non-technical snow and glacier travel. A slight curve in the shaft allows you to place the spike more perpendicular to the slope for a secure placement in cane position. It also aids self-arrest by giving you an arch that's easier to push your chest against to anchor yourself securely. Perfect for beginning climbers and schools, the Nepal S.A's shaft curve speeds your learning curve.

Product Features
Material: Aluminum shaft, hot forged carbon steel head
Length: 58cm, 66cm, 74cm
Recommended Use: Basic snow and glacier travel
Weight: 16.9oz
Warranty: Lifetime


The 2007/2008 Grivel Nepal S.A has a yellow band around the tip spike (as seen in picture above) and comes with the yellow Grivel Leash. Also the shaft markings are different that the previous Nepal Axe




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OJ Loenneker - Oct 18, 2009 1:23 am - Voted 4/5

Small, light axe
I own one of these, and use it for general mountaineering/ski mountaineering trips. I have heard some people have problems getting this axe to stop you in a self arrest. I have never had this problem, so this might just be a user error. The shaft is curved so you actually get above the snow to get more leverage onto the head. Other than that, just your general ice axe.

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