HB El Cap Kevlar Helmet


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Object Title HB El Cap Kevlar Helmet
Manufacturer Climb High
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Page Type Aug 8, 2002 / Aug 8, 2002
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Distinctive moldings provides a shell that's incredibly light yet rigid enough to absorb impacts. The brim provides additional side impact protection as well as shielding sun and rain.


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marcminish - Aug 8, 2002 6:53 am - Voted 3/5

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It's made of Kevlar so its strong, but I found the straps to be hard to manage. No matter what I tried they would loosen or change position from time to time. I like the little brim of the helmet though since it helps keep sun and rain off of you. The headlamp straps work very well. However, in my opinion, there are cheaper alternatives.

Chucky - Sep 15, 2002 9:18 am - Voted 4/5

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I used this helmet on my visit to the summit of Mont Blanc du Tacul on 13 September 2002. I also used it the entire week previsou as part of the training. The helmet is very light. I was able to adjust it regularly back and forth with a liner on and without a liner on my head. The brim provides obvious advantages for rain and the sun. My only complaint is that when I was constantly adjusting the angle of my head while ascending steep angles, it had a tendency to slide down over my face a few milimeters, but it was more of a frustration than a problem. I found the helmet held its strap position pretty well when secured under the foam neck/chin pad. The only negative comment I heard about it in the mountains was that the yellow color made it look like a construction helmet. I pointed out it had a UIAA seal of approval. Overall, it is a great helmet and I have no regrets purchasing this helmet to help protect my single brain cell.

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