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Product Description

The Zeal Link goggle is a low profile, helmet-use compatible design with copious amounts of features that totally outclasses the competition.

Note the tabs across the top of the goggle - these allow the goggle to sit under a helmet just enough for the right amount of air intake and ventilation (many goggles fog up under helmets due to improper ventilation). In addition to this ventilation, the lens itself has built in ventilation. All this and there's even ventilation in the bottom of the frame!

There's also triple density foam surrounding the frame for extra form fitting comfort and a dual polycarbonate lens that's scratch resistant and shatterproof. Finally, there's a unique strap design allowing for easy use with helmets. We think this goggle offers the most protection and versatility on the market.

This goggle comes with the Zeal ZB-13 lens. The glowing red mesas and canyons of Zeal's home, Moab, have been Zeal's inspiration for this Zeal Optics special blend “sepia” lens color.

The optimum blend of contrast, clarity and light transmission in the ZB13 lens provides all day COMFORT for your eyes. The designers at Zeal Optics have utilized their years of experience in testing lens colors and treatments to find the ultimate in PERFORMANCE lens color. Introducing the new Zeal Blend, ZB-13, an enticing mix of all that is soothing and enhancing in color. You’ll have to see it to believe it.


* Medium fit - Helmet compatible
* P.A.S.V. anti-fog ventilated system
* Triple density face foam with anti-sweat
* AIB helmet lifters and air intake boosters
* ACTV™ Lens system
* Fits: Small to Medium
* Material: Technothane™
* Strap: Super Jacquard
* Lens: SPX Spherical



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BSinc - Feb 13, 2008 9:11 pm - Voted 5/5

Out of the fog
I've always been one to fog up every pair of glasses or goggles I've owned when winter rolls around. This is so far the best goggles I've used that repel fogging up. They are also large enough for eyeglasses if you do wear glasses. I got mine direct direct from Zeal and they came with a hard case, a soft case, and a spare yellow lens.

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