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Product Description

...these are professional ski racing snow goggles,
with polarizing QUATTROFLEX lenses, manufactured by
Alpina. Quattroflex is on the expesive end of goggle series featuring singleflex, doubleflex and varioflex models as well.
All models offer 100% UV protection.


Differences between the models:
- number of front glass layers, four on Quattroflex model, while singleflex has one, and doubleflex two layers.
- Singleflex model does not have thermoblock isolation and fogstop coating
- Varioflex and Quattroflex models feature reflection absorbers, and improved contrast as well as polarisation handling
- Quatroflex also has Diamant coating, as additional prevention from scratches.
The latter works, but is not perfect. My goggles already gained several scratches from handling. Also after year or so of use, the side isolation started to peel off.

Goggle retail prices: 99 Euros in Europe, 149 Dollars in the US.
Used goggles can be bought cheaper at online auction stores, but beware, even damaged ones can be photographed in a way that they look perfect...



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