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Satmap Active 10
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Product Description

The Satmap Active 10 is purpose-built for the outdoors, in a weatherproof and shockproof casing. Navigation technology available includes:

•Electronic Compass
•Direction Indicator
•On Board Route Planning
•Map Orientation

A full range of accessories is also available, including:

•various power sources/chargers
•Bike Mount
•Vehicle Mount
•Screen Covers

Maping is supplied on SD cards that plug straight into the Active 10. No other computer or equipment is needed.

One of the key differentiators from the competition is the use of Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 digital maps in the UK and equivalent national survey digital data for other countries, so the maps are instantly familiar to users.


Pre-loaded Maps
• UK OS MiniScale 1:1 million
• 1:250k (raster) UK road mapping
• World Map 1:5 million
• UK postcode look-up capability

Power Source Options
• 3 x AA Standard Alkaline Batteries
• Large 3.7v / 2700mAh Lithium Polymer 'smart' battery
• 240v / 120v mains supply
• 12v DC vehicle (cigarette lighter)

Technical Spec
• SiRF Star III GPS Antenna
• Integrated 18mm Patch Antenna
• In-built 2 Axis Electronic Compass
• 3.5" LCD TFT Backlit Colour Screen
• Microsoft CE Operating Systems
• ARM 9 processor
• 256MB RAM
• SD Slot
• Weight: 250g (inc 3 x AA's)
• PC Connection via mini-USB cable

Route planning can be done on the unit, which is simple using either the navigation joystick or by entering grid references, or online on Satmap's website and downloaded to the unit. Routes can also be uploaded from the unit and shared via the website. Routes can be stored in the internal memory or on the map SD card, and once stored can be viewed as profiles with useful data such as total distance, total ascent, descent etc or as route cards.

Whilst on route, there are a number of on-screen text boxes that can be brought up at the bottom of the screen. The information these contain is user configurable from a list of options such as Trip Distance, Heading, GoTo Bearing, Bearing to Next Way Point, Distance to End etc.

On the move, the trip is logged and you can see on screen your actual route as compared to the planned one. A trip log screen can be selected at the push of a button, giving access to trip data similar to that shown along with the route profile. When you have completed the trip you can convert your track into a route, and if you wish upload to the routeshare facility on the Satmap website.

The compass is an electronic compass rather than simply a pseudo GPS compass and so will function when stationary unlike most GPS compasses.

A selection of power use options allow battery life to be optimised for longer trips, and it is certainly worth investing in the rechargeable LiPol battery.

Having used an eTrex for a while, I find the simple route planning, large screen, OS mapping and overall user-friendliness of the Active10 plus put it way ahead.



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