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Racking up for Indian Creek or putting the draws in on a VRG test piece. If you need to carry tons of biners, tip the scales in your favor with the Proclip. Light, strong, and easy to clip. This is the perfect biner for anyone who needs to carry a large rack.

At 42 grams these full size biners are ideal for rock, ice, and alpine routes.

• Very light weight.

• Full size.

• Full strength.



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hmronnow - Aug 13, 2003 12:40 pm - Voted 5/5

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For sport climbing (i.e. leading on routes already equipped with bolts), these are my favourite carabiners. On a 12 cm dynema sling, they form light and slim quickdraws.

My oldest have 4 years of reasonably intense climbing behind them, but all show a flawless snappy motion. (Carabiners of other brands develop slight friction in their gate, which may be of no issue to performance, but annoying the estetic gear freak).

For traditional climbing and mountaineering with double ropes, the Pro clip can be a bit small, though I easily fit a double 8.5 mm rope into it. My standard rack consists of some Pro clips on 12 cm dyneema and some of the larger DMM Eclipse on doubled 30 cm duneema. For zig-zagging with single pieces of protection, the Proclips work perfectly. for couter-pulling protection and more complicated setups I use the Eclipse.

Only problem is the price and the fact that it apparently is no longer distributed in US. Make sure to pick up some next time you go to UK.

Update Jan 2005
Finally gave in to friends arguments that wire-clips are equally safe (smaller weight of gate means id doesn't open if bashed against rock as rope rushes through in fall situation), and bought set of the DMM Pro-wire. Using these with the new 8mm mammut dyneema webbing (60 cm and 120 cm) trippled gives very versatile low weight and low volume setup. Works well even with gloves during ice climbing (where the 60 and 120 cm webbing is particularly usefull to tie around icicles).

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